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Webinar: Waqf in Zanzibar

Event Details

Saturday, 5 September 2020
2:00pm GMT +2 (South Africa)
3:00pm UTC +3 (Zanzibar)

This Webinar was jointly hosted by:
The International Islamic Institute of Waqf (IIIW)
World Awqaf Forum (WAF)
Waqf and Trust Commission – Zanzibar
Awqaf SA (National Awqaf SA Foundation of South Africa)

Should you wish to pose a Waqf related question to the presenter, you may do so by using the following email address: hasanain@awqafsa.org.za

Event Video

This is a video of the virtual session hosted on Awqaf SA’s YouTube page, you may subscribe to the channel, here

Event Flyer

Prof. Hamed R.H Hikmany

Dr. Issa Ziddy
Prof. State University of Zanzibar

Dr. Ussi Abdallah
Lecturer at Zanzibar University 

Hasanain Abdullah
+2779 5071196