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Youth Leadership Camp for Cape Town

The Muslim Youth Movement (MYM) will be having their annual youth camp where a variety of approximately 60 – 70 high school and tertiary students come together. The camp will be from 5 – 8 January 2015 at Rotary Camps in Glencairn. The theme for this camp is “Islamic Identity in a Modern Society: Confronting Challenges” These camps focus on key issues in social awareness, lectures, workshops, cultural evening, sports, skills development and training. A variety of well-trained speakers will address youth on the topics that affects them. It is aimed at ideological development and spiritual uplifment, promoting critical thinking and open debate and developing a spirit of fellowship.
Despite being a minority religion, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and with this rapid increase; identity becomes a matter of importance. For many people, questioning their identity is irrelevant as they fit into the values and structures of their communities. Yet, worldwide, Muslims have established their own common community because of their affiliation with Islam. Essentially, a Muslim’s identity is his religion.
For many young Muslims living in the 21st century brings many challenges that previous generations have not encountered. The pressure of giving into the “norm” of western society is immense and often we do not know how to confront and deal with these pressures. We find it difficult to fit into a world that is so different to the way we were raised and the values that our Quran set out for us. We struggle to move away from statements and generalisation of “them” and “us”. We fear not being accepted by the west, so we adapt ourselves and in the process start fearing exclusion by our brothers and sisters in Islam.

For the above reasons, it becomes imperative that young people be granted an opportunity of self-discovery, reflection and are free to draw enabling conclusions about where they fit into this very fast paced society.

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At this camp participants will take a fresh look at all of these influences. They will actively engage and confront the challenges that they are faced with and work on ways to overcome them. The Quran being a living document that is relevant to all times, people and places needs to be studied and reflected upon if we as human beings hope to be successful in this life. Thereafter, participants will be able to decide with a solid praxis that indeed their Creator knows them best and a path following Allah’s guidance will indeed be the best course of action for them in this life.

Some of the speakers and topics will be Prof Aslam Fataar, addressing youth on the theme, Dr Rashid Omar, gender equality in Islam, Fatima Noordien, sexuality in Islam; an Islamic perspective, Fagmieda Miller, HIV/AIDS, Understanding the Palestinian issue, Bruce Baigrie Open Shuhada Street. We also include a cultural evening focusing on short plays, music, drama and poetry. The theme for the cultural evening will be on Palestine.

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