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Donated property, cash, shares, movable and immovable assets form part of the pooled Waqf Funds of Awqaf SA.  Where feasible, waqf funds are invested to obtain reasonable returns to provide funding for downstream projects and actiivities on a sustainable, perpetual basis.


The investment strategy guidelines adopted by Awqaf SA are as follows:

  • Location: Combination of community, provincial, national, and offshore.

  • Returns: Balance of social and financial returns within constraints of strategy with a bias to maximisation of financial returns.

  • Diversification/Risk: Spread risk with bias at low risk, diversified  portfolio.

  • Investment portfolio: Combination of property, equity (musharaka, mudaraba)  and financial  (ijara, murabaha, takaful)

  • Equity participation: Public/awqaf/institutional partnership possibilities.

  • Currency &  Inflation:  Hedge / factor into strategy.

  • Restriction: Awqaf SA may not invest in unethical or Islamically unacceptable  projects.

Current Investments

Current investments of Awqaf SA are focused on Shariah compliant property.