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Grants and Funding

Awqaf SA  focuses its grants according to donor wishes. This may be in Education, Health, Ramadaan Iftaar, Qurbani, Agriculture, or any other specified wish. Awqaf SA also has discretionary grants and downstream funding based on a number of criteria.

In order to access grants or funding from Awqaf SA, kindly complete the Grant Application Form.


Grant Application form
Executive Summary

This form applies to either Individual or Organization request for funding

Section A: Organization/Individual

Select the organization type which best describes your organisation and fill in the relevant organization number

NPO Number of the organization
PBO Number of the organization
Company Number of the organization
Trust Registration Number of the organization

Section B: Project Details

Please describe your project. What is the goal/s of the project? What is the primary objective that will lead to achieving the goal?
Who will benefit from your project, and in what way? Describe the long term and short term significance of this impact?
Describe all key stakeholders that will be involved in this project. Stakeholders for the purpose of the project will be key individuals, and representatives of organisations who will be executing, guiding, spporting, and sponsoring this project. Stakeholders may include other organisations / individuals that will provide material support and are accountable for achieving the project goal.
What strengths does your organisation possess that will ensure a positive outcome? If appropriate, how have you planned to continue this initiative?
Are there initiatives elsewhere in the community with similar goals and objectives, direct or indirect? How will you build on existing programs or services? If it is appropriate, how will you coordinate with them?

Section B: Project Details (continued)

Describe how you have identified a need for this program or project?
Describe any features of this project that will be using new approaches, such as use of technology, participative development, etc.
What kind of support will this project require? Please identify need for Volunteers, professionals, facilities, equipment. Describe what kind of support will be available in kind, and what will need to be paid for.
Describe any difficulties that could hinder the completion of the project. These could be in the form of technical challenges, organisational capacity, community support, stakeholder buy-in, etc
Briefly state the history and structure of your Organisation, and past achievements, especially as they relate to the current project.
How will you acknowledge the contribution from Awqaf South Africa?

Section C:Budget

1. Constitution
2. Latest available Annual Financial Statements
3. PBO Certificate
4. NPO Certificate
5. Copies of ID’s of Office Bearers
6. Proof of Residence (utility bills of Office Bearers)
7. VAT Registration number, if applicable.
8. Government Grants received / Amount
9. Sources of income
10. Do you have a Waqf fund?

Proof of Constitution
Latest available Annual Financial Statements
PBO Certificate

1. Awqaf SA Banner to be placed at events (where applicable)
2. Awqaf SA Logo on all print material/ website
3. Acknowledgement in Vote of Thanks / Intros/ Brochure/ Print
4. Photos
5. Videos
6. Permission to use 4 & 5 in Awqaf Promo material / newsletters
7. List of participants with full details: name/surname/ Postal address / Cell/ Landline / Email address/ schools/
8. List of speakers (as in 7)
9. Press releases
10. Press clippings
11. Report of the event
12. Letter of acknowledgement

NPO Certificate
Copies of ID’s of Office Bearers
Proof of Residence (utility bills of Office Bearers)
VAT Registration number, if applicable.