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Donating to Awqaf SA

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Banking Details

First National Bank
FNB Islamic Finance
Account Name: Awqaf SA
Account Number: 62052040145
Branch Code: 254005
Reference: UR CELL NO/ NAME

Al Baraka Bank
Account Name: Awqaf SA
Account Number: 3001118114151
Branch Code: FORDSBURG BC: 786000
Reference: UR CELL NO/ NAME

Account Name: Awqaf SA
Account Number: 1469-053934
Branch Code: 198765
Reference: UR CELL NO/ NAME

Pledge to Awqaf SA now. Pay later.

Complete the Waqf Monthly Payment Authorisation form (Debit Order form) to start your family’s waqf donation.

While Waqf and Endowment charities remain Awqaf SA core business, the organization accepts various types of charities or sadaqah. This gives you, the donor,  several options. A brief description of the various types of charities accepted by Awqaf SA is given below:

  • Waqf – a voluntary, irrevocable, permanent, giving of any amount, or asset,  for the pleasure of the Almighty; always remains capital; corpus always remains intact; invested in income-generating projects; waqf revenues are spent on community development projects and programmes. For a detailed explanation on waqf, Click here
  • Zakaat – a compulsory religious tax on Muslims of 2,5% based on a minimum zakatable wealth known as nisaab, the threshold, for either being a zakat payer  or being a recipient of Zakaat. Awqaf SA uses zakah funds for self-reliance and to provide for the poor and needy.  Zakaat distribution/expenditure is restricted to eight categories stipulated in the Qur’an.
  • Lillah – a voluntary giving in the way of Allah. This is the broadest form of giving or donating and lillah may be used for any expenditure which will please our Creator. 
  • Interest – Awqaf SA has several projects that could use non-permissible income. For example, water, borehole, tree planting, food gardens, and sanitation projects in schools and poor communities, particularly in rural areas. For more information on the use of interest read the article by Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani… Click here to read.
  • Sadaqah – a voluntary giving for any worthy cause or for the poor and needy.