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Waqf Funds

waqf logoDonate generously to any of the following  Waqf Funds operated by Awqaf SA, by means of cash, property, shares, or any other asset.
Education Waqf –  scholarships, bursaries, tuition, schools, libraries, stationery, text books, fees.
Health Waqf –  special clinics, medicines, emergencies, equipment, programmes.
Youth Waqf – youth tarbiyyah and leadership development programmes.
Masjid & Madressah Waqf – masjids and madressahs  in needy communities; subsidise imam & muezzin salaries, provide books and kitabs, upgrade facilities, support welfare and community development
Micro Finance/Investment, Trade,   & Skills Waqf – small investment loans, self-reliance,  and job creation programmes.
Media & Publications Waqf – publication of literature, develop writers, journalists, and media in general.
Dawah Waqf – dawah projects and programmes
Arts, Culture & Heritage Waqf – jalsahs,qira’a recitals, calligraphy, ceramics, crafts etc
Food, Trees & Water Waqf – planting of trees, food gardens, provision of seeds, provision of water & sanitation.
Ramadaan Iftaar Waqf – provide iftaar meals & hampers during Ramadaan.
Capacity Building Waqf – build organisational and administrative capacity, and infrastructure.
Hajj & Umrah Waqf –  services and subsidies for needy hujjaaj.
Qur’an Waqf  –  printing and distribution of Qur’ans; Qur’anic  education
Family Waqf –  to support your immediate or needy members of your family.
Palestine waving flagPalestine Solidarity Waqf Fund –   education and welfare of  orphans and needy   Read more>
CSWF  Corporate Staff Waqf Fund   –   contributions to this fund are made  by staff members of corporates   Read more>
Discretionary Waqf –  a general waqf to support any need within the community as deemed appropriate.
Designated Waqf  – you may set up a designated Waqf fund for any specific project  or programme of your choice and for beneficiaries of your choice. Eg Dialysis Clinic Waqf. (Please specify)