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Awqaf Network

A strategy for exponential growth

What is the Awqaf Network?

THE Awqaf Network is both a marketing and a human resource development strategy. It is  a loose network of people who support the establishment of  the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa.  They identify with its long term vision of “becoming an empowered, influential, but benevolent community” .  Importantly, they  volunteer their time, skills, expertise and social networks for the development and growth of AWQAF SA and its empowerment projects. They learn and grow. They  are actively engaged in promoting the idea of waqf among their  network of friends, families, and  associates for the pleasure of Allah.  They are the real leaders of the organisation.

Can anyone join the Awqaf Network?

YES. AWQAF SA has an open door policy and anyone is welcome to join the network.

How do I join the Awqaf Network?

SIMPLY complete the Awqaf Network Registration form obtainable from any network member, your introducer, from the offices of AWQAF SA or better, kindly fill out the form: Awqaf Volunteer Registration form

To register online click here.

What then? What do I do once I’ve registered?

As a network member you have the following  responsibility:

Phase I : Orientation & Initiation

  •  Learn about empowerment, community development

  •  Learn about the vision, mission, aims, and objectives of AWQAF SA

  •  Learn about the operational policies and procedures

  •  Learn about community development projects

  •  Attend network meetings and workshops and make inputs.

  •  Make a waqf, no matter how small or big

  •  Volunteer your time for AWQAF SA projects (where applicable)

 Phase II:  Outreach

  • Make a list of potential people in your network

  • Invite them to a presentation at home or other suitable venue, or make an appointment to visit specific persons

  • Invite your  introducer to the meeting to help you with the presentation, or to accompany you

  • Encourage your network to sign up  as part of the Awqaf Network

  • Take your network through  phase I. Teach them what you learnt.

  • Encourage members in your network to become waqifoon/donors (i.e. to make a waqf)

Phase III: Consolidation & Expansion

  • Fully participate at all levels of the organisation

  • Initiate new projects

  • Continue working with your network

  • Expand your network.

  • Support your network.

From Volunteer ACT


Volunteers have a right to be provided with:

-A copy of the Aims and Objectives of the agency.
-Information on policies and procedures of the agency.
-Orientation, training and education.
-Recognition as a co-worker and team member.
-A suitable assignment.
-A duty statement and job description.
-Information about communication lines within the agency.
-Adequate counselling and grievance procedures.
-Proper insurance cover.
-Appropriate occupational health and safety protection.
-Out-of-pocket cost reimbursement.
-Appropriate work area and equipment.
-Access to relevant decision making processes within the agency.
-Appropriate forms of recognition for work done and contributions made

Volunteers have a responsibility to:

-Make an informed decision to work as a volunteer with an agency.
-Undertake work orientation and training as required.
-Work within the duty statement on tasks suitable to their skills and experience.
-Behave in an ethical manner.
-Keep agency and client matters confidential.
-Be committed to the agency’s aims and objectives.
-Inform the agency when unable to undertake or complete a task.
-Use appropriate information channels within an agency when needing information, support, back-up, supervision or review.
-Be aware of the limits of their role within the agency.
-Be aware of their duty of care.
-Be aware of occupational health and safety policies and practices.
-Act as a member of the team.
-Be aware of protocol when representing the agency.
-Commit to achieving results and make an effective contribution to the agency