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The Al-Tawheed Foundation was the happy recipient of nine laptops designed to help it in its vital work of running 19 centres based in vulnerable communities across the Gauteng province.

The laptops were handed over to its founder, Sheikh Abdel-Salaam Bassiouni, the founder and CEO of the Foundation and its COO, Mohsin Desai, by AWQAF SA CEO, Zeinoul Abedien Cajee. The ceremony took place at Al-Tawheed’s head office, the Bilal Centre, in Lenasia South.

A beaming Sheikh Bassiouni said that their motto was to enrich, educate and to empower the underprivileged. So, the laptops would be a great help to Al-Tawheed’s work that has been ongoing for 29 years.

The Al-Tawheed Foundation is currently involved in seeing to 41 activities and projects, including feeding schemes, food gardens, bursaries, Hifz classes, burials and madrasah education benefiting over 4,500 families.

“These centres do not have any means of digital communication, so this donation will not only assist our heads of the centres, but also the communities in which they serve. The laptops will enhance communication between the various departments within the organisation, and will streamline our processes,” said COO Mohsin Desai.

AWQAF CEO Zeinoul Abedien Cajee said that it was an honour to be able to make a meaningful contribution to the Al Tawheed Foundation.

Responding to Cajee, Desai said that it was only through organisations like AWQAF SA, that Allah Almighty uses as a means of providing assistance, that organisations such as Al Tawheed were able to carry on doing their work.

“We hope to please our Creator and be a means of sustainable guidance for the people of South Africa,” said Desai, who thanked AWQAF SA, other organisations and the Muslim community in South Africa for their continued support.

“Continue doing the good that you do and reap the divine rewards that Allah the Almighty will certainly bestow upon you for your kindness,” he said.