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The Treetops project

The Treetops project, a partnership between AWQAF SA, Tabea and the Muslim Youth Council, is the beginning of a successful environmental initiative to enrich the local environment.

During September 2019, 144 trees were planted at various institutions such as a farm in Pretoria, the Tshwane Muslim School, Ridgeway Muslim School, Al Tawheed Bilaal Combined, Madressa Ilya Id Deen and in Roshnee.

Indigenous species, which contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, such as Wild Olive, Pepperbark, Knobthorns, Weeping Boer bean, Fever Trees, Stinkwood and Black Kareer were planted.

Madressa Ilya Id Deen and the farm in Pretoria have requested more trees for the next phase of the project. The aim is to significantly increase the planting of trees and to roll the project out in other provinces.

Tabea and Awqaf SA made presentations on the importance of planting trees and the nurturing and maintenance of them. We were present to observe the tree plantings where possible. The students displayed excitement and enthusiasm during the various programmes.

Planting the tree is one aspect, but the responsibility of nurturing and aftercare of the trees is equally paramount – and is an extension of the process.

We make du’ah to the Allah, and express gratitude to the contributors of the Waqf and to all parties involved. May Allah correct our intentions, reward us abundantly and may future generations experience the shade of the trees and fruits of our hard labour.