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Letter of Condolence – Mufti Muhammad Taha Karaan


C/O Moulana Yusuf Karaan

Awqaf SA is deeply saddened to receive the news of the passing of esteemed Aalim, scholar and
Mufti of the Muslim Judicial Council of South Africa, Moulana Taha Karaan.

Our heartfelt condolences go to the respected and honourable Karaan family, colleagues, students,
and fellow compatriots, on Mufti Taha Karaan’s passing. May Allah جل جلاله permit him to Janaah-tulFirdous and grant patience to his family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time.

Moulana Taha Karaan was a world recognised Islamic scholar who unselfishly served his
community, South Africa, and the international community at various levels.

As the head of the Iftaa Department at the MJC (SA), Moulana Karaan continued the illustrious
legacy of his honourable father Moulana Yusuf Karaan in executing the office of the Mufti.
Amongst other significant accomplishments Moulana Taha served on various financial
institutions boards as a foremost scholar in Islamic Finance and Shariah.

The loss of Moulana Taha Karaan leaves an immense void in Awqaf SA, as he acted as our advisor
and supporter in advancing the divine Prophetic صلى الله عليه وسلم system of Awqaf. Moulana Taha had a very
close working relationship with Awqaf SA, and his invaluable guidance undoubtedly
strengthened both Awqaf SA and the popularisation of the Waqf system not only in South Africa
but across the globe.

An intellectual giant of our community has fallen! Moulana Karaan impacted South Africa at the
highest levels serving as one of a select few on the South African Muslim

Marriage Bill Commission. It must be highlighted that Moulana Taha Karaan’s responsible
leadership and acute understanding of the importance of the preservation of life as one of the
foundational principles of the Sharia guided the Muslim community’s response to the COVID-19
pandemic in South Africa and internationally. As a result of his bold and decisive leadership the
spread of the COVID-19 contagion was curtailed resulting in the protection of tens of thousands of

Through our personal and close interactions with Moulana Taha Karaan, we are witness to the fact
that irrespective of the esteemed positions that he held, he remained humble and true to
advancing the foundational principles of Islam at all levels of engagement.

While we mourn the passing of our beloved mufti, leader, and brother Moulana Taha Karaan, we
take solace in a short life that was lived to its fullest. We take from him an excellent example for
all of us to emulate. The responsibility rests with all of us who are left behind, to take his work

May Allah bless Moulana Taha Karaan with HIS جل جلاله paradise. We thank his family for sharing him
with South Africa.

Your brother in Islam and in the service of Humanity

Haroon Kalla
Chairman Deputy CEO
Awqaf SA Board of Trustees

Mickaeel Collier
Deputy CEO

Email: info@awqafsa.org.za
Website: www.awqafsa.org.za