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Muslim Community Responds to the Call for Social Solidarity

The Muslim Community of South Africa, represented by our numerous Social Welfare, Emergency Relief, and Civil Society Organisations have heard the call of our President to assist the poor and vulnerable during the 21-day lockdown period.

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House of Ummah “7th Stakeholders Meeting”

What is the House of Ummah? The House of Ummah is an association of volunteer individuals committed to addressing issues of concern within the Ummah in southern Africa such as intolerance,  infighting, racial, linguistic and other forms of marginalisation. As a reform movement it does not raise nor handle funding but seeks to coordinate existing structures towards a common vision for a single Ummah,   and nudges away from wasteful duplication. It also raises issues of justice and imbalances with the objective of ensuring Islamic ideals. Photo highlights from the previous meeting Have a look at the pictures of the previous House of Ummah meeting that took place on the 24th April 2016 in KwaNobuhle, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape. Awqaf SA signed a MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with K.M.C to establish a Waqf Fund for their community, read more Mickaeel Collier – Deputy CEO of Awqaf SA speaks about the Community Waqf Fund Audio Listen to the audio playlist – click here Event photos View the Photo highlights here – click here

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Historic Community Waqf Fund Initiated

A historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  was signed  between Awqaf SA and the Kwanobuhle Muslim Community Trust  (KMC) regarding the creation of a Masjid/Community  Based  Community Waqf Fund. The agreement was signed at a special signing ceremony during the 7th House of Ummah Stakeholders meeting held at Islamia College, Cape Town. The Community Waqf Fund initiated by AWQAF SA is  designed to empower  local and emerging Muslim Communitiies, particularly  in poor communities living in “townships”. According Awqaf SA Deputy CEO, Br Mickaeel Collier  who presided the signing together with KMC  trustee, Br Thandile Kona, “South Africa has a diverse range of Muslim communities  in terms of income distribution – those that are living on the fringes of poverty and those that have been blessed with abundance.  There are those that are self-sufficient, self-reliant, and resilient  while there are others that are dependent on  their wages supplemented by generous donors.  And herein lies the problem.” The Waqf system is designed to ensure that poverty is eradicated so that the poor are empowered and become self sufficient and self reliant too. However, because the Prophetic & Divine waqf system is  hardly articulated and is largely absent from our educational institutions, nobody has heard or learnt about it from authentic sources. This scenario imposes a duty on the community to ensure that knowledge about the waqf system is transmitted, internalized, and acted upon in droves by the larger Muslim community as a form redistribution of wealth – the very noble objective envisioned by ...

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South African National Qiraa’atul Qur’aan Competition 2016

The South African Qur’aan Union has once again teamed up with AWQAF SA and Madrasah Tarteelul Qur’aan to host the annual South African National Qiraa’atul Qur’aan Competition. Entries are now open for this prestigious event, which will take place at the Bosmont Masjid (Gauteng) on 14 May 2016 and Madrasah Tarteelul Qur’aan (Pietermaritzburg) on 28 May, respectively. The Gauteng leg of the competition (which includes all provinces except KZN and WC) is open to all willing male and female participants of any nationality whilst the KZN edition is open to males only. Contestants will be evaluated on their ability to present and recite the Qur’aan beautifully, and not on their memorization skills alone, hence participants need not have memorised the Qur’aan in order to compete. There is no entry fee and all are welcome to attend and participate. To apply or for more information Visit Contact Ml. Anees Kara (Gauteng and surrounding areas) on 074 786 1799 Qari Ismail Abdul Aziz (KZN region) on 083 268 2801. Entries close on 15 April 2016 for the male Junior Category 6 May 2016 for all other applicants entering the Gauteng leg. Entries for the KZN leg close on 20 May 2016.

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Channel Islam International (CII) Radio declared a waqf.

Awqaf SA salutes Channel Islam International (CII) for transforming into a waqf. We are proud of this decision and we pledge our support to CII for taking this extraordinary decision for a South African private company to be effectively converted to an NGO. This conversion means that the shareholders have relinquished their shareholdings from private capital to public capital that belongs to Allah. Alhamdulillah. This an an excellent example to other businesses be they sole proprietors, companies, or partnerships. Giving by way of waqf is the way to go for the future development of the Ummah. This has been demonstrated throughout our glorious history. A revival of the lost legacy of the waqf system is a calling of our time. We are reminded of the verse in sura Al e Imran: “None of you will attain righteousness  until you give of what you love” This is the verse that led many Sahaba (RA). To give of their best properties as Waqf. Once again, Awqaf SA is proud of you and welcomes you to the Awqaf  family. We wish you all the success in your ventures. On behalf of our Mutawallees, Management, Donors, Volunteers, Ambassadors.

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