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VIRTUAL WEBINAR CONVERSATION of the Biographical Sketch ofJustice Ismail Mahomed

AWQAF SA, THE PROJECT JUSTICE TRUST & AMAL Invites you to a VIRTUAL WEBINAR CONVERSATION of the Biographical Sketch ofJustice Ismail Mahomed the first Chief Justice of a Democratic South Africa.

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Najmie Fredericks


Awqaf SA is deeply saddened to receive the news of the passing of community activist, humanitarian, and founding secretary of Awqaf SA, Najmie Fredericks.

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Virtual Launch of the book “Tawakkul – The Missing Peace in the Journey of Life”

What is Tawakkul?How can we develop our Tawakkul? How will Tawakkul bring us a sense of peace amidst these stressful times? In a post-Covid19 world, what ought to be the Muslim mindset in relation to our trust in Allāh? Shaykh Faheem Khan, author of Tawakkul – The Missing Peace in the Journey of Life shared provided answers to the questions above and shared valuable insights during the virtual launch of the book. About the Book The book deals with the concept of Tawakkul in Allah, the Almighty, the All-Wise, and what this means to the believers. Tawakkul is to place our utmost reliance upon Allah Almighty, while still taking responsibility for our behaviour. For more information: Like Shaykh Faheem’s page and receive updates, information & links:https://www.facebook.com/ShaykhFaheem1/ Brought to you by Awqaf SA & the Islamic Lifestyle Solutions. Video

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Waqf Academy Website

The Waqf Academy has been established with a mission of being a dedicated resource as well as a provider of waqf knowledge. The Waqf Academy has set its sights on providing world class online education and training programmes from basic level appropriate to the general public and high school, madressah learners to the highest levels of graduate and postgraduate programmes in partnership and collaboration with other academic and awqaf institutions, scholars, ulama, academics, and foundations.

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Webinar: Waqf in Nigeria and the Unexplored Opportunities within the Law

About During this webinar, we intend to bring you knowledge and information about the Waqf sector in several Muslim Communities around the world.A live Question and Answer discussion will open up the session for enrichment, intervention, and enquiry.The webinar will be hosted on the Zoom platform in English.You may send your questions before the webinar to, Hasanain, email address: hasanain@awqafsa.org.za and will forward these to the speaker and Event Details Saturday, August 8, 2020 Time:11:00am Nigeria12:00pm South Africa13:00pm Makkah Webinar Video Proudly brought to you by:The International Islamic Institute of Waqf (IIIW)World Awqaf Forum (WAF)National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA)Awqaf Organisation of Nigeria (AWQAFON) Enquiries:Hasanain Abdullah+2779 5071196hasanain@awqafsa.org.za

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