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Awqaf Uganda: 1st AGM

AWQAF UGANDA HOLDS THE 1ST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING On Saturday 30th November 2013 the National Awqaf Foundation of Uganda (Awqaf Uganda) held the first Annual General Meeting at Makerere University Mosque Garden (Awqaf Office) following inception in 2011.It was a recall of all the ten (10) members of Board of Trustees, Executive management, subcommittee and all registered/paid up members. The ideology is to join efforts, think together and build/develop this new initiative in Uganda. Twenty (20) members turned up in attendance to discuss and draw strategic plans for the Initiative. Ideas and extensive discussions resulted in important resolutions which are key avenues for development and success of this initiative. To note but a few; Corporate governance. Members resolved to emphasize and ensure accountability and transparence to safe guard all resources to Awqaf such that the society benefits from its efforts. Resource mobilization; an engine to creating a sustainable fund. Members will take a number of strategies to mobilize more resources ranging from funds, property (land, estates) and services which will be used to generate and create a revolving sustainable fund. Investments. Since Awqaf Uganda spends only the proceeds out of the investments, it was resolved that the mobilized funds be put to investment in  year start 2014.Investment avenues looked at included land, fruit and tree planting, franchise or distribution business, among others. In a brief presentation, Br Sulaiman Kiggundu noted that, Awqaf Uganda was hailed at the 3rd Waqaf Cadre Training Programme in South Africa Pretoria for transverse efforts in developing Awqaf Institutions above other Muslim minority countries in Africa. Open invitation The whole community was kindly invited to join this initiative by making a waqaf by any of the followings ways. Voluntary regular, monthly contribution Any amount (large or small); once off, regular or occasional Donating tangible goods like property/real estate.  Waqaf from business or commercial transaction-a % of your profits or equity in a business or specific transaction BY AWQAF UGANDA info@awqafuganda.org +256701714696   Editor: Awqaf Uganda is an independent affiliate of   Awqaf South Africa.

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