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Imam Haron book launch Gauteng

IMAM ABDULLAH HARON EDUCATION TRUST The board of trustees invites you to the book launch of   “THE KILLING OF THE IMAM” Saturday 17 November 2012  15h00 – Apartheid Museum, cnr Northern Parkway & Gold Reef Road, Ormonde, Johannesburg Sunday 18 November 2012 15h00-  World Memon Foundation Centre, entrance to Laudium, Cnr Qagga Road & Maxwell Drive, Laudium   (KEYNOTE SPEAKER: AHMED KATHRADA) Copies of the book will be on sale:  Soft cover- R150/ Hard Cover – R250 All Welcome: No cost but  RSVP essential for catering and seating : Call or email:  Nazeema 021 683 1444 or In May 1969 Imam Abdullah Haron, a Muslim religious leader living near Cape Town, was arrested under the Terrorism Act. Four months later he was dead. The atrocity received scant coverage in the South African and international media. This is a reprint of the book, first published in 1978 but, not surprisingly, banned in apartheid South Africa. It reveals the story behind the Imam activism and the events that led to his arrest and his eventual death in detention. The Imam’s arrest and subsequent month long torture followed an all too familiar pattern and one which was repeated on numerous occasions, including the death in detention of Steve Biko on 12 September 1977. The Killing of the Imam is a horrifying account of the South African Regime’s method of Harassment, torture and political murder, as well as the story of one man’s exceptional courage, faith and loyalty to the cause of freedom. ...

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Goodwood Community partners with Awqaf SA in water harvesting and more

Salaam Brothers Raaghieb & Dr Salie,   On behalf of the committee of the Goodwood Islamic Society which incorporates the Quloobul Moe’mieneen Masjied, Goodwood Madrassah, Madrassatul Ahlaaq and the Quloobul Moe’mieneen Trust, I would like to convey our sincere appreciation and thanks for the very informative Waqf Presentation and Workshop that you delivered at our masjied on 20th October 2012. I announced our partnership with Awqaf SA to the community on Eid morning in the masjied and now we are waiting with bated breath on the installation of the rain water harvesting tanks and equipment together with the garden rhapsody system.   I also alluded to the community of an even bigger initiative where we will once again partner with Awqaf SA which will place our masjied well on its way on becoming self sufficient. I informed them that details will be given once all the legalities and paperwork have been finalised.   We look forward to a very fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership where together we can take Islam to new heights especially here in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town Ameen.   Shukran Kathier Mogamad Safedien

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Awqaf features at Minara Conference on Islamic Business & Finance

Waqf (pl Awqaf) or Islamic Charitable Endowments  will feature in a  special session on Socio-Economic Development & Empowerment at the International Business conference  being jointly hosted by the Minara Chamber of Commerce (South Africa) and the Riphah International University (RIU)  (Pakistan) in Durban during 23-25 November 2012. The Minara International Conference on Islamic Business will run under the theme: Islamic Business Practice: Towards Socio-Economic Transformation. While the Conference will highlight how businesses working within a shariah compliant framework can thrive and work together to address socio-economic challenges in South Africa and internationally, the Awqaf session will focus on its theory and practice both locally and internationally. Speakers on the panel will include Dr Abdul Kader Chachi from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Zeinoul Abedien Cajee CA (SA)  from  the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA), and Yousuf Baker of the Iqra Trust. By integrating Islamic business principles and practices, and Awqaf  into their management and operations, businesses can position themselves for growth and success whilst impacting meaningfully and positively on alleviating poverty, striving towards socio-economic justice and prosperity for all. “Thus the conference, whilst addressing the critical issues of interest to the Muslim business community in general, will also take into account the special interests of Muslim professionals, youth and women.  It will attempt to combine global aspects with local circumstances and realities in its deliberations. Parallel sessions will be held on 24th November 2012 focusing on challenges facing Women and Youth” says   the Conference brochure. The conference ...

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Register now for the 2nd Awqaf SA Leadership Development Programme 2012

For online registration, please visit ________________________________________________________________________________________ The National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA) was established in 2001 as an independent community based owned trust, solely focusing on establishing the institution of waqf (endowment funding) and the empowerment of communities within South Africa. Awqaf SA is a charitable community organisation aimed at investing endowment funds for various community development programmes. These programmes are aimed at promoting the concept of communities becoming self-reliant and sustainable through holistic development programmes. One of our programmes is the leadership development project where we assist young people to unleash their leadership potential. We believe that investing in the promotion of youth is critical to the development of a dream society for all. The objectives of the programme are to: Create/ provide opportunities for young people in the community through networking. Create a vibe/opportunity to be part of a Professional/winning Society and in the process create hope for others. Direct young people to a socially  & spiritually  conscious future. Contribute to aspire to success and the deprivation of failure (failure of the community is not an option). Contribute to leadership development in the community. Fulfill our obligation/ objectives of establishing Waqf & giving back to the Community. Utilize the opportunity to revolutionise our Community & reiterate our relevance in South Africa & the Ummah at large. Inculcate a culture of social responsibility in our future leaders. Develop  youth that will have a sense of belonging and hope.   It is in this light that Awqaf SA ...

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“Awqaf played a major role in the birth of the modern university”

The theme chosen for the 3rd ICIHE is “The Role of Awqaf (“Endowment”) in the Development of Islamic Higher Education: the Past, the Present, and Future Prospects.” It is a follow-up to the theme of the 2nd ICIHE “The Empowerment of Muslim Communities in Private Higher Education.” Although the issue of the importance of awqaf to Muslim higher education was raised during the 2nd ICIHE, it was not then sufficiently discussed, since it was not the main objective of that conference. Accordingly, in order to do full justice to this very significant subject of Muslim concern, the 3rd ICIHE is to be devoted entirely to discussions of awqaf in its specific relation to the development of Muslim higher education.   The greater part of traditional Muslim education at all levels, including the tertiary, owes its origin, development, and progress to the awqaf institution. The famous Al-Azhar University in Cairo, founded in 970 CE, is an excellent example of an awqaf-funded Muslim higher education institution that was later to serve as a model for many private Western universities. The first degree-granting university in the world, the University of al-Qarawiyyin in Fes, Morocco, founded in 245 AH/859 CE by a woman, Fatimah Fihriyyah, was similarly financed by its waqf revenues. In short, awqaf played a central role in the birth of the modern university.   It is extremely important for the contemporary Muslim ummah to revive the best of past Islamic traditions in envisioning and realizing the central role of awqaf in ...

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