The Waqf is an intergenerational institution that will ensure long-term transformative sustainable community development through projects that would eliminate poverty, improve education, promote economic development, develop our institutions and capacitate people.

As part of our ongoing developmental projects Awqaf SA funds and initiates programmes in Social cohesion, emerging communities, and community development.

  • a. Arts and Culture
    b. Community Outreach and Social Investment Projects
  • c. Quran Qira’a Programmes
  • d. International Symposia
  • e. Masjid and Imam Development

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Campaign News

Awqaf SA 100 Youth Cricket Tournament -Building Social Cohesion through sport

Over the past few years, the annual Awqaf SA Youth Cricket Tournament has grown to become one of the biggest Youth Cricket Tournaments in South Africa. 

The T20 Youth Cricket Tournament started from humble beginnings in 2016 and is hosted in association with Primrose Cricket Club and held under the patronage of former Cricket South Africa vice president, Beresford Williams and former Western Province Cricket Association CEO, Nabeal Dien

The tournaments are free and aimed to give equal opportunity to all players irrespective of their financial or social backgrounds.

The details of the Tournament are as follows:

• A hundred-ball tournament

• Age groups U14, U16 and U18

• The Tournament is catered for registered Cricket Clubs

The ethos of the Tournament aims to promote social cohesion and is designed to give the young players a sense of cricket heritage that instills within them the values of social justice using sport as a vehicle.

Awqaf SA 100 - Media Launch

Awqaf SA 100 - Game Livestream

Promotional Video

Celebrating our Islamic Heritage - Arabic Calligraphy workshop - Muhammad Hobe

An introduction to the Arabic Calligraphy Workshop

Awqaf SA has hosted a series of workshops at the Awqaf SA Johannesburg office. These practical sessions took participants through an introduction to Arabic Calligraphy as well as through the construction of Arabic letters. Participants as young as 8 years old were trained on how to use bamboo pens and ink.

Rafique Cajee was the facilitator for these sessions.

Islamic Art with Achmat Soni

Awqaf SA in association with Soni Art profiled Achmat Soni who has been adorning the inner domes of masajid across South Africa with his decorative Islamic Art.

About Achmat Soni

Achmat is a well-known Islamic artist in South Africa and abroad, he has adorned 66 masjids across South Africa with his unique brand of Islamic Art and Arabic text. He is internationally recognised as an Islamic artist and has traveled extensively, exhibiting and learning along the way.



Community Outreach - Share the Qurbani