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The Silat Heritage Day

The Silat Heritage Day event or Hari Warisan Silat was held on 25th September 2016.

The objective was to create an event for Silat members and their families through the sport of Silat Olahraga. A mini tournament was held on the day and the prizes were sponsored by AWQAFSA for the 3 best fighters chosen. Winners were awarded Sportsman’s Warehouse vouchers.

The Winners

Best performance 7-10yrs old Mujaahid Saliem

Best performance 11-14yrs Mariam Baker

Best Performance 15yrs and up Nur Ahmad Salie

The event was also held in celebration of South African heritage day, whereby the contribution of the Muslims from Indonesia to the spread of Islam in South African was celebrated.

5 silat groups were represented from the Cape Town Silat School Seni Silat Pukulan Melaka South Africa :

1. Gelanggang Tanah Ayer: Plumstead
2. Gelanggang Taman Hijau: Schaapkraal
3. Gelanggang Kayu Kuat: Goodwood Masjid
4. Gelanggang Jauh: Mitchells Plain
5: Gelanggang Mata Burung: Panorama

5 weeks before the tournament, Pesilats were given special training about the rules and regulations and techniques of Silat Olahraga the official sport sparring category of silat.

This aimed was to boost the technical knowledge of the Silat fighters as well as the officials.