Any will must have an executor appointed to administer the Estate on behalf of the deceased and to protect the interests of the beneficiaries and heirs. Awqaf SA accepts the appointment as executor and supervises the administration of the estate competently according to the wishes of the deceased person (marhoom/a) every step of the way, until all assets are transferred to all heirs and beneficiaries.

Awqaf SA would undertake the formation of Trusts where needed and administer those trusts. Awqaf SA will also accept the appointment of Trustee.

Meetings are held with beneficiaries and where there are disputes, these are settled in an amicable way, fostering reconciliation rather than separation. The Testator may appoint other persons of his/her choice in addition to Awqaf SA. However, Awqaf SA remains throughout the process, even after some of the executors have passed away as an institutional trustee and executor.

Having all the professional help at its disposal, the deceased can be rest assured that his/her estate is being administered according to his/her wishes as stipulated in the will.

Key Benefits

  • Competent administration of estate or trust
  • Cost savings
  • Objective & independent
  • Confidentiality