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Report on the Masjid Al Rahman Greening Project

Community centres like masjids are the perfect spaces in which we can be present, interact with and contemplate the wonder of nature and Allah, the creator. In these environments we recharge our energy as well as integrate with our community.

…Nicholas Luqmaan McLean
Masjid Al-Rahman has so much potential to be more than just a brief salaah stop, but rather a waqf in which the community can do many different spiritually uplifting activities. In order to open up interest and opportunities for this to happen we arranged a greening day of planting trees and other plants at masjid Al-Rahman.

I’m so thankful  to AWQAF SA’s   suggestion  of making this event a larger one to involve a wider audience. This led to gaining support from Irfaan (Awqaf ambassador) and Fatima Ragie (Green Deen) who swiftly started flexing their ‘people power’ by sharing our green intentions that resulted in around 40 people joining in the day of hard work. There was a lot of digging, carrying water and Compost material, planting and sharing ideas about how to plant and grow plants. It was a hot, dry sunny spring day and we provided fresh ‘feedmegreen’ smoothies to nourish and quench all the people present.

I was really impressed with the willingness of everyone involved, I feel privileged to have worked with you all and wish you will benefit abundantly from the abundance of blessings that come from this initiative. I must mention a young man named Ebrahim who humbly approached each task with purpose and a sense of real calmness, he really enjoyed the energizing green smoothies. Miriam and Irfaan with the permai students, colleagues and sons formed the heart of our green group that day – thank you to Irfaan, and Miriam for making this such a huge success and for the wonderful pictures. My friend Ebrahim Ally also brought his 2 sons and lovely daughter who had the idea of painting labels of the planted fruit trees – this brilliant idea invites such a sense of fun and creativity to the space.

As the time approached zhur all volunteers had left and the rest was up to the muazzin, my 3 workers (who donated a reduction in wages for the day), the Imam (Imam Cassim), and myself who finished off tending to the rest of the plants. Fazel who works with green deen contributed some funds and the rest was funded by myself and Awqaf SA.

The reason why I chose this project is because of Imam Cassim, who is willing to work hard (with ease) to cultivate soil as well as to cultivate people. He is an active guide and teacher in the community and could really do with support in running and developing this masjid more as a learning centre.
Other current and future plans for this masjid involve a large qurbani project, the person running this is constructing a kraal to be used annually. The property is large and we have spoken about possible concepts such as an orphanage, an Islamic study centre, clinic, and environmental training centre and farm.

We share with you the intention of facilitating the development of this masjid as a springboard for more projects like these to happen nationally, and welcome you to share with us your green community initiatives, no matter how small.