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Ramadaan 1441


Since 2000, the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (AWQAF SA)  pioneered and has been in the forefront  in focusing on and developing the waqf  system in South Africa and in Muslim communities abroad. Over the years  since its inception, the  Awqaf SA Waqf Fund has steadily grown to almost R100million by the Grace of Allah, the kind hearts of donors, and the duas of many. 

During this time, through prudent investments in rental property and shari’ah compliant investments, AWQAF SA was able to spend the limited proceeds of  profits/ dividends/ rentals in literally all areas of community needs, for Muslims as well as the broader South African community. Collectively AWQAF SA spent as our #SharetheCare projects and programmes around …… over the past 20 years, while still maintaining and retaining  the capital WAQF Funds intact. Alhamdulillah!

We now need to look to post Covid 19 and over the next few years, increase our “Community Sovereign Waqf Fund”  to R1Billion. Is this possible? We believe it is possible. Our community is blessed with thousands of young professionals, entrepreneurs, big and small business, and charitable,  giving hearts. We need 100,000 families to contribute a minimum of R50 per month (average 5XR10 per person per household).  We also need our higher net worth individuals, families, and business community to make larger gifts to the Waqf Fund. Whatever is affordable according to each ones means. Within a few years inshallah,  we will have our first community owned and operated  Solidarity Fund. 

Example of Singapore: Every working Muslim contributes  between R30 and R300 per month to their Mosque Development Fund (effectively their Solidarity Waqf). This is done as an automatic deduction from salaries by employers and paid over to the administrators of the fund.  Today Singapore has probably got the best Islamic infrastructure in the world. With the help of Allah, and your support, we too can do it.

What is Waqf?  Why Waqf? Also known as waqf-lillah  or sadaqah jaariyah,   waqf  (pl: awqaf) is a voluntary permanent charitable capital donation or gift  from ones wealth or earnings, to Allah and for the pleasure of Allah,  for the perpetual benefit of shari’ah compliant causes and beneficiaries. Waqf is a sunnah of the noble Prophet (S), our master and leader and has been part of Muslim societies the world over, and a major contributor to Islamic Civilisation over the centuries.  

Waqf is known to be the most powerful sacred and sustainable Islamic voluntary charity. The beneficiaries may be Muslim or of another faith – the poor, needy, elders, orphans, students, ulama, widows, youth, education, health services, social cohesion, community development, Dawah, literature, hajj,  water and sanitation, infrastructure building Islamic Centres (masjids, madressahs), clinics, schools, boreholes, etc. etc…

Types of Waqf: There are many types of waqf and there are many ways to make  a waqf.  Family waqf, charitable waqf (general purpose or specific purpose) , combined  family & Charitable waqf.   More details are available on our website www.awqafsa.org.za.

A waqf can be made with cash, property, jewelry, gold, shares in business, or any other asset, movable or immovable, during ones lifetime or through ones Waşiyyah in ones will.  The main condition always being that the waqf may not be consumed. 100% is put into the waqf fund. Further terms and conditions may be read in the Standard Waqfiyyah deed. https://awqafsa.org.za/about-waqf/waqfiyyah/

We all recognize that there are many diverse community needs both within the Ummah and beyond. We have many challenges. Both internal and external and collective. For example,  poverty alleviation-elimination, unemployment,  and inequality are major challenges to all South Africans. Covid 19 has demonstrated the dire needs of the poor in our country. We need to flatten the poverty curve.   South Africa has the biggest disparity between rich and poor in the world. Can we as a collective help? Surely as a small but vibrant community, blessed in our excellent infrastructure and multitudes of NGO’s, in many instances founded by our forebearers as a legacy for future generations, we too can take the leap and improve on what has been done and become a  benevolent contributor and an indispensable community.  Inshallah.  That is our vision.  

Allah asks: “ Who will loan to Allah a beautiful loan?  He will double it and multiply it for you multiple times…” (Surah Baqarah 2:245)  and in another verse “ If you loan to Allah a beautiful loan, he will double it for you and grant you forgiveness” (Surah Tagābun 54:17) … And Allah commands in Surah Muzammil 73: 20: Establish salah and Give zakah and Loan to Allah a beautiful loan!”  Allah has given us long term solutions. Need we say more?                     

100 000 families @ minimum of R50 per month:  R60milloin per annum : The goal R1billion WAQF FUND. 

Click here https://bit.ly/WaqfMPA  to complete the Waqf Monthly Payment Authorisation form to start your family’s waqf donation. Be the first of the 100000 families. 

Inshallah. May Allah reward you with the best. We also urge you to join our team of 1000 volunteers to propagate and to mobilise family, friends, and colleagues to be part of this initiative. 

Please email us on info@awqafsa.org.za or complete the  Volunteer Registration Form: https://bit.ly/VolRegform

Support our sustainable projects including:

  • Orphans & Elders
  • Cataract Removals
  • Qur’an Distribution
  • Food & Tree Waqf
  • Maths Upgrade Program
  • Infrastructure development

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