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02 DECEMBER 2020

Awqaf SA is deeply saddened to receive the news of the passing of political activist, humanitarian, freedom fighter, community activist and founding chairman of Awqaf SA, Dr. Rashid Ahmed Mahmood (R.A.M) Salojee.

Our heartfelt condolences go to the Salojee family, friends, fellow compatriots, and members of the Awqaf SA community on the passing of our founding father, mentor, and leader affectionately known as Dr. RAM Salojee. May Allah grant him Janatul Firdous and patience to his family, comrades, and compatriots during this difficult time.

Together with his loving and unstinting wife, the late Aunty Sarah & Dr. Salojee were icons and stalwarts of human rights who fought bravely for the rights of the oppressed globally irrespective of race, religion, or

Dr. R.A.M Salojee

Dr. Salojee gave selflessly to the anti-apartheid struggle for freedom and justice in South Africa suffering the heinous persecution at the hands of the Apartheid government. Dr Salojee was arrested together with several
other members of the community during the Tricameral Parliament protests in the 1980s and was placed under house arrest for several years.

Dr. Rashid Ahmed Mahmood (R.A.M) Salojee

Throughout his colourful life, Dr. Salojee was an activist of note and a true servant leader. He initiated and participated in several organisations including the Lenasia Muslim Association, JISS, Central Islamic Trust,
Suliman Nana Memorial Trust, South African Hajj & Umrah Council, Islamic Council of South Africa, the Islamic Marriages Committee of the SA Law Commission, and Awqaf SA. During the course of his political and
community activism, Dr. Salojee served on a staggering 347 different organisations.

He played a leading role in the United Democratic Front alongside Trevor Manuel, Allan Boesak, and others. During the democratic dispensation, Dr. Salojee served as a Member of the Gauteng Legislature and was the chairperson of the Health Portfolio Committee in the Legislature.

As an active member of the ANC, Dr. Salojee was a member of the Religious Affairs Committee of the ANC.

Dr. Salojee, had the visionary foresight to play an active role in the support, initiation, and establishment of Awqaf SA serving as its first Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He understood that the challenges facing post-Apartheid South Africa could only be addressed through a multigenerational institution that will ensure long-term transformative sustainable community development through projects that would eliminate poverty, improve education, promote economic development, develop our institutions and capacitate people. He was passionate that the institution of Awqaf South Africa founded in the year 2000, would serve the socio-economic, political, educational, and spiritual empowerment of historically disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

From left to right, Haroon Kalla, Awqaf SA chairman, President Kgalema Motlanthe, and Dr. R.A.M Salojee

A giant in our community has fallen!

While we mourn the passing of Dr. Salojee we take solace in the life of a freedom fighter who lived his life to the fullest as an excellent example for all to emulate.

Dr. Salojee will be severely missed and forever revered for his critical role in the liberation of the people of South Africa.

May Allah bless Dr. R.A.M. Saloojee with HIS paradise. We thank his family for sharing their parents with South Africa. May he be joined with the righteous, martyrs, the truthful, and Prophets in the Hereafter.

Yours in humanity

Haroon R. A. Kalla
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Awqaf SA