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Water Wells & Boreholes

Community benefits from a permanent Source - Borehole or Well

Community benefits from a permanent Source – Borehole or Well

In 2010, The Muslim Woman Magazine and AwqafSA embarked on a project to raise funds to build a well in Malawi. The project ran over a period of three months, and with the Grace and mercy of Almighty Allah, and the generosity of our readers, we raised funds to build not one, but eleven wells in Malawi.

This year, we have decided to embark on a project similar to this. We have decided to bring this heart warming project home to South Africa, and once again appeal to you, our readers to join us in raising funds to provide clean, running water to communities in South Africa who are in desperate need of these services.

AwqafSA, is in the process of examining and assessing which areas and options would be most viable for this project. In South Africa, these water projects work on a borehole system which could cost anything between R25,000.00 to R40,000.00. These vast differences in price depend on location, and since the drillers will have no indication of how deep they will have to dig, the costs can only be confirmed after the drilling process is complete.

With the intensity of this project, we require the assistance of everyone. We need to hold hands and inspire our loved ones and all we know to join this initiative, by donating funds towards this project. Once again, together we can do more.

Follow the following steps to contribute to this project:

  1. 1.       All funds are to be deposited into the AwqafSA bank account – (find banking details below)
  2. 2.       Fax proof of payment together with your name, postal address, and contact numbers to the Awqaf SA fax number or e-mail address below.

The project will run over a few months depending on the support from the readers. Once enough funds have been raised, we will begin the construction of the boreholes. We will provide feedback in the magazine on a monthly basis. Some people would like to remain anonymous, however we do require your info to inform you of future projects, in these cases, you can mark anonymous on your deposit sheet. We will not publish any names of donors, but will provide an update on funds received.

The rest is now in your hands. Let’s see how wide you can stretch them, and may Almighty Allaah be pleased with us all InshAllah Ameen.

For any further details please contact :

AwqafSA at 011 837 8669. Or visit them at 65 Foyle Avenue, Crosby.

Banking details for deposits: AWQAFSA , NEDBANK, Account Number:  1469 053 934, Branch : Business North Rand, Br Code 146905. Please fax or e-mail proof of payment to 086 514 9644, or

To make a Waqf contribution for Water Wells please enter your details below.

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