Project-21What is Project 21?

It is a Masjid Renovation project whereby members of the public nominated Masjids whom they felt needed assistance with their Masjid’s renovation and maintenance. This was done during the course of 2015 where members phoned into VOC FM to put their applications forward.

R10 000 has been donated to this project from Awqaf’s Waqf Project.

This is the list of Masjid’s that will be assisted:

1. Masjidul Aashiq, Searidge Park
2. Masjidul Taqwa, Blackheath Islamic Society
3. Chatsworth Islamic Society (just before malmesbury)
4. Masjiedul Jummuah in Delft
5. Hermanus Islamic Society in Hermanus
6. Pumlani Jamaat Khana, Pumlani, Eagle Park
7. Masjidur Raghmaan Jamaa, Hanover Park
8. Heinz Park Masjied
9. Garden Village Islamic Centre
10. Driftsands Masjied, Khayalitsha
11. Masjidul Igwanul Muslimeen, Montrose Park
12. Masjied Capricorn
13. Beitus Salaam, Eerste River
14. Sandvlei Masjid in Macassar
15. Masjid Al Fatigha, Khayalitsha
16. Masjid Kunieni, Khayalitsha
17. Masjidun Nur, Belhar
18. Masjidul Ansaarullah, Seawinds

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Photos of Briefing sessions at AwqafSA Head Office CT