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Indonesia International Leadership Camp 2014

The Indonesia International Leadership Camp (IILC 2014) is a project of the Al Azhar Youth Leasership Institute based at the Al Azhar Masjid in Jakarta, Indonesia.  This is an annual camp and draws young leaders from around the globe. The IILC 2014 has 11 young leaders from South Africa together with their coordinator Sr Mariam Gillan from Johannesburg.

From Naeema Hussien El Kout

Upon our arrival in Jakarta, our group of 10 South African students experienced our first blast of warmth from the Indonesian people. This can be also taken in the literal way as the humidity overwhelmed us, but nonetheless it has been breath taking. Meeting powerful ambitious students from all around the globe has opened our mind to other people’s lifestyles and a new global network. One can only be reminded that truly, there is unity in Diversity. Allah says in Al Quraan: “WE have created you in nations and tribes, so that you may know one another”. This verse Is so apt in describing our engagement with the other students from Malaysia, Philippenes, Indonesia and Uganda. This been such an uplifting experience thus far and we hope it can only escalate. We make duaa that Allah return us safely, and that we return as spiritually rejuvenated, empowered and inspiring youth who will change this world for the better.

We give thanks to Allah firstly, and all those who have made this possible. Particularly our parents and families, who have nurtured us into the young adults we are. May Allah bless you all. We are also grateful to Awqaf S.A. For their efforts in allowing this to be possible. And for always taking an interest in the development of our Muslim youth.


From Shakeel Garda:

Indonesia is not only a nation based on the principles of humility and Life according to the Sunnah, it’s weather is conducive to Salaah, such that the afternoon Thuhr and Asr prayers serve as refreshers to the swearing traveller on his course. The students from South Africa have experienced a subtle Transformation from the laid back approach johannesburgers have towards Salaah, performing just about every salaah on time and with jamaah, gaining full benefit from the experience, algamdulilla. Those of us who are not extremely fluent in the recitation of the qur’aan are being moulded by none other than Al-Azhar’s Ustad Mukhtar, an undeniably fierce lover of Tajweed and Ma’gaurij. Each nation has come with it’s own ‘Lagu’ or tune, making Quran recitation as cosmopolitan as roaming the streets of Jakarta.

While the Malaysia “contingent” had to take their leave last night in what was certainly a tearful farewell, Philippines, Uganda, Indonesia and Australia, along with the vibrant and (especially), largest group at the Camp, South Africa, continue to look forward to the challenges and adventures before us, beginning nothing without Bismillah, and ending each day with algamdulilla.