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Since inception, Awqaf SA  has initiated or funded several projects, events, and activities on behalf of donors. Some of these are shared below.

  • Water saving and recycling at masjids
  • Boreholes and waterwells
  • Youth Leadership
  • Cataract operations
  • Mathematics & literacy upgrade
  • Food gardens and school greening
  • Scholarship Loan bursaries
  • Building of masajid (masjids), madaris (madressahs) and Islamic Centres
  • School and madressah fees
  • Specialised orthopaedic equipment
  • Sponsorship of a soccer team
  • Ramadaan iftaar
  • Qur’an distribution
  • Commissioned the Dr Rashid Ahmed Mahmood Salojee biography
  • Commissioned the Dr Essop Jassat biography (work in progress)
  • 1st Muslim Convention on Sustainable Development, Pretoria, 2002
  • International Symposium on Islamic Civilisation, Johannesburg, 2006
  • International Waqf Conference, Cape Town, 2007.
  • Southern Africa Waqf Cadre Training, Pretoria, 2009
  • Southern Africa Waqf Cadre Training, Durbam, 2011
  • Bicentennial Commemoration of the Unbanning of Islam in South Africa 1804-2004
  • Literature distribution
  • Children of Islam Jalsah 2004
  • Children of Islam Jalsah 2011
  • Commemoration of the 1400th Anniversary of the Revelation of the Holy Qur’an
  • Awqaf Anthology
  • Somali Community Conference
  • Microfinance
  • Provision of sewing machines
  • Honouring of Huffadth in association with Madressah Hifzul Quran, Erasmia, 2011
  • Research and development
  • Leadership Seminar, Cape Town , 2011
  • Awqaf Insights Journal Magazine

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Projects Policy

Awqaf SA either initiates or contributes to sustainable community development projects and activities aimed at community empowerment. Some projects and activities are “broad-based” (i.e. those that are intended to impact on the broader community) while others are locally based i.e. those that have a local community impact. Broad based projects and activities would typically have a much wider outreach than  locally based ones.


Awqaf SA enters into partnership and cooperation MOU’s, where appropriate, with a variety of organizations and institutions to maximise community participation and success.