Prof. Dr. Ihsan Sureyya Sirma

Professor, Dr. İhsan Süreyya Sırma is a world-renowned and foremost Islamic Scholar, academic, Islamic historian and writer.
He studied under the Islamic philosophical luminary, Muhaddith and Faqih, Muhammad Hamidulllah obtaining Doctorates in various Islamic Sciences and history from Universities in France, Tunisia, Turkey and other Middle Eastern Countries.
Professor Sirma has written over 160 books on various Islamic topics and has contributed hundreds of articles on various topics ranging from Politics and Islam, Islamic History, Fiqh and other contemporary issues. He regularly appears on television discussion programmes internationally and most of his time is spent travelling the globe delivering lectures at various universities and congresses.

Part of programme includes 4 prizes for the best critique written on the symposium. Winners will win a tab and the article will be published in Muslim Views.

1Day only

There will be one talk titled  “The History of Humanity and linkages to key political developments” that will be delivered at the Islamia Auditorium, Imam Haron Road, Lansdowne


7 February 2017

6pm – 8pm

Livestream – click here

Enquiries: 079 507 1196

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