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The Food Security Waqf is a special charitable endowment fund that has been set up by Awqaf SA to plant trees, grow food, and provide water in poor & needy communities on a sustainable basis. Food Security Waqf is a traditional and historically favoured Waqf as the long-term thinking and sustainability of the planting of trees that bear fruit and give shade in the future is a true benefit to future generations.

The world is currently focused on the sustainable development goals as laid out by the United Nations in the SDG programme. Food security, water security, and climate change from part of the areas for development.

Food, Trees & Water Waqfs have been done over 1400 years ago by Muslims from around the world and in this case at Awqaf SA includes– the planting of trees, food gardens, provision of seeds, provision of water & sanitation.

What projects are funded?

Projects include developing Food tunnels, Tree nurseries, greenhouses, establishing sustainable food gardens,  providing water in desolate areas, and environmental education and advocacy programmes.

Why Trees, Food & Water?

The Prophet (s) made several references to the preservation of the environment:

“The world is green and beautiful and Allah (God) has appointed you as His stewards over it. He sees how you acquit yourselves.” (Muslim)

“Whoever plants a tree and looks after it with care, until it matures and becomes productive, will be rewarded in the Hereafter” (Bukhari & Muslim)

“If anyone plants a tree or sows a field and men, beasts, or birds eat from it, he should consider it as a charity on his part.” (Imam Ahmad, Musnad)

“Whoever brings dead land to life, for him is a reward in it, and whatever any creature seeking food eats of it, shall be considered a charity from him.” (reference……)

The benefit of planting trees:

Trees provide shade, fruit, and greenery, and generally improve the quality of life of a community. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. No wonder people living in green, leafy areas enjoy their environments.  Trees also provide us with paper, books, furniture, and houses.

South African Context:

We are all aware of the legacy of apartheid – people forced to live in desolate, impoverished areas. Thousands of schools today still do not have water. Many new settlements are being built in urban areas with no trees, food security, or water. Unemployment and poverty levels are high in a land of milk and honey. This is not acceptable to Islam. As Muslims, we have a duty to contribute towards poverty alleviation, community development, and nation-building. We are part of the landscape of this country.

How much do I contribute?

You may contribute in units of R100 and may do so in regular monthly payments by debit order or by direct deposits into the Awqaf SA TFW Waqf Fund. You may donate as many units as you please. Ideally, each person should donate a minimum of  10 units i.e. R1000,00. This will enable 1 tree and a parcel

Tree Waqf Achievements

Planted trees at schools across South Africa


Water Waqf Achievements