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Food Security Waqf

  The Food Security Waqf is a special charitable endowment fund that has been set up by Awqaf SA to plant

Masjid WAQF

The Masjid Waqf looks after the structural maintenance of masjids in needy and poor communities. This waqf looks after the

Orphans WAQF

A society can be judged by how they treat their youth and their elderly. With this in mind, the current

Quran Waqf

Quran Waqf Awqaf SA has established a Quran Waqf that ensures the perpetual production of Qurans through the sustainability of

Imam Development Progam

Awqaf SA has partnered with the Imam Development Project to improve the skills of our  Imams. Our Imams, Muathins, and

Cataract Waqf

Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in South Africa, but with surgical intervention, are treatable. Cataracts occur when the eye lens becomes foggy, leading to blurry imaging, double vision, sudden nearsightedness, and a gradual loss of sight. Since 2005, the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa (IMASA) in conjunction with NGOs such as Awqaf SA Share the Care and others, have conducted Cataract Camps at various public hospitals where the operations are offered free of charge. The initiative is designed to reduce National Health backlogs and restore the patient’s sight and dignity, to date, the project has completed 7,624 successful surgeries, saving the state over R100 million in costs. Ordinary citizens cannot afford private clinics. The backlog is exceedingly high in all public hospitals across the country. This project aims to reduce the pressure on the state. There are over 35,000 patients waiting for cataract surgery in the Gauteng Province alone.