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International Quraan Recital Awards 2018

The annual International Quraan Recital Awards (IQRA) took place from 20- 23 September 2018 at Masjid Manaarul Hudaa, Manenberg, Cape Town. Organised by the South African Quraan Union, South African National Zakah Fund, Awqaf SA, and Madrasah Tarteelul Quraan, in conjunction with Masjid Manaarul Hudaa, the event is an attempt ...

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Give a Muharram Waqf Gift

Thinking of a Muharram 🎁(Gift). Why not give a Waqf Gift? WAQF is a Sacred Sadaqah. MUHARRAM is a Sacred Month. Give a Waqf gift of any amount to your beloved parents, children, colleagues and friends, relatives, clients or… anyone. Receive a waqf certificate in their names. Simply complete the ...

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Muharram Mubarak 1440

  Mutawallees, management and Awqaf SA Ambassadors wish you all a blessed 1440 NEW YEAR. Muharram Mubarak 1440 MUHARRAM – A SACRED MONTH WAQF – A SACRED INSTITUTION My Waqf. My Legacy. Our community Sovereign Fund. For further information contact us on: Tel: 011 486 0726 Email: Web: ...

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The Awqaf SA / “Children of Islam” Holiday Day Camp

The Awqaf SA / “Children of Islam” Holiday Day Camp is designed to provide young Muslim Boys and Girls in Johannesburg with an opportunity to learn about their faith, make new friends and explore new hobbies in an environment that allows for both fun and learning. We hope that the ...

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Al-Rajhi: A billionaire ready to die!

By Dr. Khaled M. Batarfi It was my first visit to the Qassim region. The media tour was organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage. One of my favorite program highlights was the visit to two of the biggest palm tree farms in the world. One belongs ...

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Support the Awqaf SA Hajj Waqf

Don’t miss the Opportunity! Don’t miss the Awqaf SA Hajj Waqf Pledgeline! About the Awqaf SA Hajj Waqf Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is compulsory on those that can afford the sacred journey. But there are those who save for this ultimate journey all their ...

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