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All courses are suspended due to the Covid-19 virus ourbreak

We will be in communication with participants when we decide to take the course online.

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Want to know more about Waqf? Why not preregister for a free course?

The Waqf Academy is soon to be launched.  This is an exciting venture where for the first time,  online courses  will be presented and moderated by a panel of experts.  Go to to pre register for the Basic Introductory Waqf Studies module.

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This Ramadaan Think Long Term. Leave a Legacy. Make a Waqf.

  While all forms of sadaqah are commendable, one stands out as the most enduring: Waqf. The divine institution of waqf has its roots deeply implanted in Islamic shariah and Islamic Civilisation. From the time of the noble Prophet Muhammad ( Peace and Blessings be upon him) and bygone generations, ...

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Corporate Staff Waqf Fund Launched

The Muslim Workgroup Committee (MWC) has for several years collected money from staff members of various Corporates and sympathizers during the holy month of Ramadaan to provide Eid food hampers to the destitute and needy. After much thought and deliberation at an historic meeting between the MWC and the National ...

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Ramadaan Mubarak

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Commemoration 1400th Year of the Revelation of the Holy Qur’an

The revelation of the Holy Qur’an to the Noble Prophet Muhammad (May Allah’s choicest blessings be upon him) began circa 610AD in the cave of Hira’ on Jabl Nur near Makkah. 2010/2011 marks 1400 years since the beginning of the revelation of the Holy Qur’an.An International Inaugural Conference was held ...

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2nd Children of Islam Jalsah

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