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We will be in communication with participants when we decide to take the course online.

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Head girl pledges R20, 000 waqf charity to school.

ON the eve of her final Grade 12 examinations, Head Girl of the Auckland Park Academy of Excellence (APAX), Aneesa Randeree, pledged R20, 000 in a waqf donation aimed at supporting leadership development, the under privileged and educational initiatives at her school. Speaking at a special dinner function attended by ...

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#SheMeansBusiness Women’s Entrepreneur Programme

Awqaf SA in association with Siyafunda CTC, Nacadamy and Gifted Hope Foundation hosted 2 successful days of the #SheMeansBusiness programme. This is a women entrepreneur empowerment workshop is sponsored by Facebook and has the ambitious goal of training 4000 businesswomen. With the belief that women can achieve more when they ...

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Youth Rugby Festival

Imam Haron Rugby Festival creates awareness and social cohesion

Written by Shafiq Morton When Imam Abdullah Haron, a sports lover, was forced by the Group Areas Act to move from Claremont to Landsdowne, he built a first story veranda at his house that overlooked the City Park rugby field.City Park in the 1960s was one of the only privately ...

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Human Rights Cycle Tour

2020 Human Rights Cycle Tour – Cape Town

About The Al Kaaf Human Rights Centre in Cape Town hosted the media launch of Human Rights Cycle Tour which aims to memorialise the heroic struggles of the past. Cycling is a centuries-long mode of transport, an excellent form of exercise and, above all, a symbol of freedom through movement. ...

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AWQAF SA Inaugural mini cricket festival

AWQAF SA Inaugural mini cricket festival was held on the 14 September 2019 at the Lenasia Cricket Stadium. The AWQAF SA mini-cricket festival hosted by Big Bom Lenasia Cricket Club (BBLCC) was an overwhelming success and marked a great start to the clubs 25th Anniversary. The festival co-ordinator Mr. MF ...

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Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy (Arham) is a united platform and campaign designed to acclaim and publicize the extraordinary character of the Final and Noble Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).   With the world of hate, Islamophobia and fake news, and our obligation to spread the message of Peace, Justice, Love,  Compassion, Mercy,  and Service,  ...

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