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Challenges for the new Minister of Awqaf

Mustafa Salama / July 29, 2012 / Regardless of the exact role the ministry is to play; the current role it maintains is negative and should be structurally adjusted.  The new Minister of Endowments or Awqaf has been named; Dr. Mohamed Yusri, who also heads the Committee of Rights and Reform, an Islamic advocacy organisation which includes many different Islamic organisations and factions in Egypt including The Muslim Brotherhood, The Salafi Dawa and others. Dr. Yusri has contributed to the founding and management of several other institutions, and, furthermore, holds a Ph.D in Sharia and another in engineering. Dr. Yusri, is also known to be a good mediator between the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, an eloquent speaker who lost in the parliamentary elections to a younger revolutionary candidate. Moreover, on a smaller note; if the new Prime Minister has annoyed some by sporting a small trimmed beard, Dr Yusri, the first minister announced, champions a huge beard. Under Mubarak, the Ministry of Awqaf was another ugly face of the regime. Often used as a mouth piece to propagate its corrupt Islamic discourses which did not challenge authority and demonised Islamic rivals of the state. For quite some time, all that was heard from Zakzouk, the minister of awqaf under Mubrarak were rants about how niqab is not part of Islam or pushing for the controversial one athan (call to prayer) imitative, and banning of private sermons. Nothing was announced about anything directly related to Awqaf . So what is Awqaf ...

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R100,000 Waqf for Quranic studies

  Against the backdrop of the melodious verses of the Holy Qur’an and a hall packed to capacity with around 1,300 guests, the Laudium Muslim community honoured over 250 huffath, by commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Madressah Hifzul Qur’an and the 1,400th year of the revelation of the Holy Qur’an. The event was held at the Central Islamic School (CIS) jointly organized by the madressah and the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA) on Sunday. In a show of solidarity and unity under the banner of the Holy Qur’an, several leading schools and madressahs of Tshwane participated. These included Al-Asr Educational Institute, Al Ghazali College, Al-Nur Islamic Centre, Bilal Masjid, Central Islamic School; Darul Uloom Pretoria, Darul Uloom Qaderiya, Madressah Darus Salaam, Madressah Hifzul Qur’an, Madressah Rahmania, Pretoria Muslim Trust Sunni School, Tshwane Muslim School, and the Universal Islamic Cultural Trust. Chairman of the Council of Mutawallees (Trustees) of Awqaf SA, Haroon Kalla, said the objective of the event was to bring all the schools and madressahs together under the banner of the Holy Qur’an as the uniting factor. He described the event as “a first in the community”. He also announced the initial contribution by anonymous donors of an amount of R100,000 towards a dedicated Waqf or Islamic Charitable Endowment to Awqaf SA to further the study of the transformational message of the Holy Qur’an and the learning and teaching of the Arabic language. He urged the community to add to this endowment which will be ...

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