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UWC adds Symposium Proceedings to Library

The University of the Western Cape acknowledges the Awqaf SA donated publication PROCEEDINGS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ISLAMIC CIVILISATION IN SOUTHERN AFRICA. The publication comprises several reserach papers presented at the INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ISLAMIC CIVILISATION IN SOUTHERN AFRICA which was jointly organised during September 2006 by the National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA), the University of Johannesburg (UJ), and Istanbul based Centre for Islamic History, Art & Culture (IRCICA). “I can confirm that the said publication now forms part of the library’s collection, and I wish to thank you for this invaluable literary gift.” Sincerely Michelle Snyders Ms Michelle Snyders Head: Acquisitions Library Services University of the Western Cape Private Bag X17 Bellville 7535 South Africa

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Sunni-Shia Waqf Jurisprudence Seminar in Paris

You are very welcome (s) the next meeting of Waqf seminar to be held this Thursday, December 13th 14h – 17h to IISMM (96 bd Raspail, Paris, 1st floor) in which we study the Shiite and Sunni jurisprudence to economic prospects of waqf, particularly in relation to the issue of cash waqf. Sincerely, Randi Deguilhem “Economics of waqf-habous” Seminar IISMM, EHESS, 96 boulevard Raspail, Paris Session 2: December 13, 2012, 14h – 17h Mohammadreza NEYESTANI (Aix-Marseille University, TELEMME-MMSH, Aix-en-Provence), “Waqf in fiqh Shiite Iran (16th-18th centuries): economic outlook, the cash waqf” Randi Deguilhem (CNRS, TELEMME-MMSH, Aix-en-Provence), “Waqf in Sunni fiqh in the Ottoman Empire: Economic Outlook, the cash waqf” Seminar IISMM, EHESS 96 boulevard Raspail 75006 Paris, 1st floor, student lounge, “Economics of waqf-habous” responsible Randi Deguilhem, CNRS, Dir. Research, TELEMME-MMSH, Aix-en-Pce 2nd Thursday of the month, 14h – 17h, on 8 November 2012 to 14 June 2013 • Mention History, EHESS History and Civilizations (Research Seminar M1S1 M1S2 M2S3 M2S4) * This seminar can be validated in the statement “History and Civilizations”, EHESS * Students, researchers and all those interested are welcome For the complete program: and **************** Randi Deguilhem CNRS Research Director HdR TELEMME-MMSH, Aix-en-Provence randi.deguilhem @

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