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Call to Commemorate 210 years since Unbanning of Islam and Religious Freedom

1804 Attainment of freedom of worship 23 By 1804, the number of the Vryezwarten or Free Blacks, majority of whom were Muslims, had reached such significant proportion that the Dutch rulers changed their policies in order to enlist their support, pending the British invasion of the Cape. They granted religious ...

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Get involved “donate now to “Awqaf SA”

For you Waqf  or Sadaqah Jariyyah Get involved Today!! Make a Waqf, it will benefit Educational initiatives Awqaf SA/ ITV Pledge The Meaning of Waqf

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Join AWQAF SA on Ramadaan Pledgeline ITV#347 5 July 10.30PM

Think Long Term. Think Sustainable Development. Make a Waqf. Leave a Legacy. Empower Communities. The institution of Waqf has contributed tremendously to the development of the Muslim Ummah over the ages. Our Masajid, Madressahs, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Libraries, Water canals, Dams, – even pavements, roads and bridges came from Awqaf ...

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Ramadaan Mubarak

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Care4u2 holds art workshop for special need learners

Care4u2 provides a respite and outrach programme  for learners with special needs and their familes. Awqaf SA has been a sponsor of their projects. Care4U2  is a recently formed NGO by  a group of dedicated women viz: Shanaaz, Andrea, Zafreen, Faeeza, Hajira, & Nicola. This is a volunteer driven organisation. ...

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Awqaf SA – IMA HealthCare at Bosmont Fete

For the second year running, Awqaf SA & IMA (Gauteng) sponsor and operate a healthcare “tent” at the Bosmont Pre Ramaaan Fete – 21/22 June 2014. All proceeds of the sponsorship from Awqaf SA goes to the masjid. The health screening  is done by volunteers recruited and trained by IMA ...

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