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Human Rights Cycle Tour

2020 Human Rights Cycle Tour – Cape Town

About The Al Kaaf Human Rights Centre in Cape Town hosted the media launch of Human Rights Cycle Tour which aims to memorialise the heroic struggles of the past. Cycling is a centuries-long mode of transport, an excellent form of exercise and, above all, a symbol of freedom through movement. ...

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AWQAF SA Inaugural mini cricket festival

AWQAF SA Inaugural mini cricket festival was held on the 14 September 2019 at the Lenasia Cricket Stadium. The AWQAF SA mini-cricket festival hosted by Big Bom Lenasia Cricket Club (BBLCC) was an overwhelming success and marked a great start to the clubs 25th Anniversary. The festival co-ordinator Mr. MF ...

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Operation Mercy

Operation Mercy (Arham) is a united platform and campaign designed to acclaim and publicize the extraordinary character of the Final and Noble Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).   With the world of hate, Islamophobia and fake news, and our obligation to spread the message of Peace, Justice, Love,  Compassion, Mercy,  and Service,  ...

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Long serving activist Surty launches memoir in parliament

AWQAF SA, an NGO which contributes toward growth and development in post-apartheid South Africa, launched former Deputy Education Minister Enver Surty’s memoirs, “In Pursuit of Dignity”, at the Old Assembly Chambers in Parliament on Wednesday. Surty, who has served the ANC at various levels for more than 30 years, was ...

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Local NGO in “green peace” gesture against gender violence

THREE local schools, Alexander Sinton High, Al Azhar High and Lwazi Primary in Gugulethu, enjoyed tree planting ceremonies to symbolise gender peace and to commemorate Arbor Week, which is celebrated at the beginning of September each year. Awqaf South Africa, an NGO that focuses on sustainable community growth, partnered with ...

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Imam Haron Commemorative Youth Rugby Tournament

Awqaf SA Youth Rugby Festival 2019

Awqaf SA in association with Primrose Rugby Club and the Imam Haron Foundation presents the Imam Haron Commemorative Youth Rugby Festival 27 – 29 September 2019 | Primrose Sports Field Loch Road, Kenilworth AboutIn an extension of our community social cohesion projects, we have partnered with Primrose Rugby Club and ...

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