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Corporate Governance for Islamic NPO’s Webinar

The aim of this session is to focus on building an ethical culture in Islamic NPO's... part of our series on Corporate Governance for Islamic NPO's.

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Masterclass: Leadership Development from an Islamic Perspective

COURSE OVERVIEWThe Masterclass – Leadership Development from An Islamic Perspective – is an online, interactive modularised certificate course organised by the Caribbean Muslim Network and partnering international Islamic organisations, Awqaf SA and educational institutions. This course explores leadership skills for both young aspiring and experienced community leaders and organisations. Combining ...

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Islamic Geometry Webinar

Begin your journey in Islamic Art by joining us for the Islamic Geometry Webinar. In this session we will learn how to construct a zellige tile work pattern found in the Al-Hambra Palace in Spain, using the same tools as the original craftsmen.

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Awqaf SA – Share the Care Food Security Waqf

Dear Customer On this occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr, our focus is directed on helping and making a difference to the lives of fellow South Africans who find themselves confronted by dire economic consequences and continuous hardship. We at FNB Islamic Banking were looking towards a solution that would secure the basic ...

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AWQAF SA Waqf Eid Gift

Thinking of an Eid Gift? GIVE THE MOST PRICELESS & EVER LASTING EID GIFT TO YOUR CHILD For as little as R100 – Open a lifetime children of Islam Waqf account in the name of your child (any age).This will earn you and him/her everlasting thawaab and inshallah he/she will ...

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WAQF: What it means to me

In the beautiful land of Kashmir, there exists a Muslim family with origins of Arab descent. The nature of this family is such that their life’s work is dedicated to the worship of Allah SWT and service of humanity. Their legacy is a constant contribution to the welfare and development of the community through enlightenment, education and holistic healing.

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