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A winning school from Mitchell’s Plain thanks Awqaf SA

Spine Road High School / Mitchells Plain / Cape Town   4th February 2013 The Trustees AWQAF   On behalf of the parents, learners and teachers of Spine Road High School we once again convey our heartfelt appreciation for your support with our Mathematics and Physical Science programme in 2012.   As a result of your support the school attained the most improved results in Physical Science in the Cape Province.  We also achieved an above 80% pass in Mathematics.   The majority of our learners come from socially challenging circumstances and the school is seen as the only beacon of hope for them to realize their God-given potential.   Without your support we would never be able to assist our learners in the realization of their dreams.   We thank you and may you be blessed with good health and prosperity.   We salute you on your unselfish contribution.     Yours in Education       M.A. FAIRBAIRN DEPUTY PRINCIPAL & HEAD OF CURRICULUM Tel: 392-9463                                                                     Cnr. Spine & Menydale Roads Fax: 391-4965                                                                    Rocklands              Mitchell’s Plain Principal: M. R. NAJAAR                                            7785    

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CALL FOR PAPERS: Zanzibar, Tanzania 3-6 September 2013 OIC Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA), and the National Records & Archives Authority of the Sultanate of Oman, are jointly organizing, in cooperation with Zanzibar University, the International Symposium on the “History of the Islamic Civilization in Eastern Africa”, in Zanzibar, Tanzania, on 3-6 September 2013. Introduction Africa was the destination of the first Muslim migrants from Mecca to Abyssinia in Africa. From then on, Muslims immigrations extended to include the eastern coast of Africa as a point of destination. Moreover, Muslim Preachers and merchants along with the immigrants reached to Central Africa. Along with Northern Africa, Eastern Africa was one of the places which were most largely influenced by Islamic civilization. The growth of Muslims immigrations was due to certain reasons. One reason was the geographical proximity of Eastern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Another one was the environment of Africa with its fertile soil, abundant water, moderate climate and considerable wealth and bounties. Muslims settled in these regions of Africa and established Islamic dynasties and states that played active roles in local and international policy due to their strategic locations. Some of these dynasties and states are Bata, Mogadishu, Sefalah, Zanzibar and Mombasa. In addition, these dynasties and states played and still play a pioneering role in spreading Islam in that part of the world. Symposium Objectives The conference is aimed at highlighting various aspects of Islamic civilization in Eastern Africa and promoting the exchange of ...

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