Awqaf SA Matric Maths Online Workshop

Awqaf SA has identified a need to assist and uplift poorly performing areas on a national level with regard to Mathematics. Since 2016 Awqaf SA, in partnership with the K-Way Institute, has conducted mathematics upgrade workshops to improve mathematics literacy and results of grade 12 learners. 2000 learners have derived benefit from the intervention.

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Book launch

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with Awqaf SA invite you to the book launch of “Evaluating Shaykh Yusuf Al-Makassari and Imam Abdullah Tidore’s (aka Tuan Guru) ideational teaching: Reinforcing Indonesia – South Africa’s relations.”

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Awqaf SA Fasting Children of Islam 1443 / 2022

The Fasting Children of Islam Certificates are a recognition of our children’s commitment and dedication to Ramadaan and the consciousness and eagerness that display in fulfilling this act of worship through these types of programmes we pray that our children will become flag bearers and leaders of society in the future, Insha’Allah.

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The Al-Tawheed Foundation was the happy recipient of nine laptops designed to help it in its vital work of running 19 centres based in vulnerable communities across the Gauteng province.

The laptops were handed over to its founder, Sheikh Abdel-Salaam Bassiouni, the founder and CEO of the Foundation and its COO, Mohsin Desai, by AWQAF SA CEO, Zeinoul Abedien Cajee. The ceremony took place at Al-Tawheed’s head office, the Bilal Centre, in Lenasia South.

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Earliest Waqf Legacy in the World Is Deciphered: Two Villages in Palestine

Earliest Waqf Legacy in the World Is Deciphered: Two Villages in Palestine
Engraved in kufic script, the stele was deciphered by Prof. Lotfi Abdeljaouad, an Arabic epigraphy expert at the National Heritage Institute in Tunis, at the behest of Prof. Mehmet Tütüncü, the director of the Turkish and Arabic World Research Center in the Netherlands and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Turkology – who learned about its existence from Christie’s auction catalog.

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Launch of corporate governance code for Muslim NPO’s breaks new ground in South Africa

A ground-breaking Corporate Governance Code for Muslim NPOs was officially launched during a webinar held on the 31st October 2021.

Jointly sponsored by the Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers (AMAL), AWQAF SA, the South African Zakah Fund (SANZAF) and the United Ulema Council of South Africa (UUCSA), the aim was to launch a code that would enhance and empower local NPOs in terms of effective governance principles.

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TWO boreholes, drilled at the Darul Shifa Centre for the elderly and the Darul Huda orphanage in Lenasia by local organisation AWQAF SA during May last year, came not only to the rescue of the institutes last week (14-15 October), but provided much-needed relief to neighbouring communities.

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The month of Islamic Revival

Mutawallees, management and Awqaf SA Ambassadors wish you all a blessed
1443 New Year.

Support our sustainable projects including:
Orphans & elders
Cataract Removals
Qur’an Distribution
Food & Tree Waqf
Education and leadership programmes
Infrastructure development

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Following Prophet Ibraham (AS) by sharing the noble sacrifice and 62, 000 kgs of food

Turkey’s Diyanet Vakfi and Awqaf SA partnered with the Muslim Judicial Council, Meal SA and several local and international community-based organisations, including TURKSAY and the Imam Development Programme to distribute maize meal and meat packs to close to 10,000 vulnerable families across the Cape.

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The Gift of Sight

The Islamic Circle of Southern Africa, Awqaf South Africa, The Islamic Medical Association, Sultan Bahu, the Haroon Tayob family, Bliss Chemicals, Caring Women’s Forum, Pakistan SA Association, Islamic Relief SA, Helping Hands, along with the Gauteng Department of Health and Leratong Hospital convened a solutionist platform that continues to serve the disadvantaged communities in eradicating treatable blindness.

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Cataract Camps give thousands the gift of sight

“Last month (24-25 January), Awqaf SA Share the Care, IMASA, the Islamic Circle of Southern Africa (ICSA), Bliss Chemicals (MAQ), the Caring Women Forum and the Sultan Bahu Centre joined forces to oversee 40 patients – ranging from the ages of 38 to 88 – who were successfully operated on at Leratong Hospital on the West Rand in Gauteng,”

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Waqf Academy Website

The Waqf Academy has been established with a mission of being a dedicated resource as well as a provider of waqf knowledge.

The Waqf Academy has set its sights on providing world class online education and training programmes from basic level appropriate to the general public and high school, madressah learners to the highest levels of graduate and postgraduate programmes in partnership and collaboration with other academic and awqaf institutions, scholars, ulama, academics, and foundations.

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Corporate Governance for Islamic NPO’s Webinar

Strategic planning is essential to non-profit organisations. A strategic plan sets the organisation on the path to achieving its purpose by defining where the organisation is headed, how it will get there, and what it needs to make that journey. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to craft and implement a strategic plan for your non-profit organisation.

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Bucket of Joy

The “Bucket of Joy” project marks a heartwarming tradition, bringing joy to children who observe the fast during Ramadan.
Awqaf SA’s supports this initiative by providing “Children of Islam Fasting” certificates, recognising each child’s endeavour, and supply engaging activity books, ensuring the learning continues beyond Ramadan’s conclusion.

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Fasting Certificate

#ShareTheCare & Give a FASTING CHILD a Certificate

We’re proud to present “The Awqaf SA Fasting Children of Islam Certificates,” 1445|2024 which recognize the commitment and dedication of our children to Ramadan.
By participating in this act of worship with consciousness and eagerness, they inspire us all.

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Awqaf SA 100 Youth Cricket Tournament

The Awqaf SA 100 Youth Cricket Tournament goes beyond the boundaries of the cricket field, to aims to forge social cohesion and bring diverse communities together.

The tournament serves as a platform for young athletes to not only display their cricketing prowess but also foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants and spectators alike.

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