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Muslim Charter Initiative

Mosque sunset IstanbulBrief Rationale:

Muslims have been living in SA for over 350 years and have established themselves as a permanent, entrenched community made up of diverse racial, ethnic, cultural, and religious sub groups within contexts colonial; apartheid, and now a Democratic Republic of South Africa.

The Muslim Community of SA has made and continues to make contributions in all spheres of South African life including the economic, political, and social arenas.

The Muslim Community of SA has established a myriad of NGO’s operating for the benefit of Muslims as well as the broader community.

There needs to develop a Charter – among Muslim organisations / persons and accepted by the broader Muslim Community to create a platform of mutual cooperation and understanding of Muslims, Islam and the role of Muslim community organizations and personalities in the years to come. The document will serve as a directional tool and provide guidance on understanding the Muslim community of South Africa.

Comments and inputs welcome:

First Draft SA Muslim Charter now available Click here to Read or to Download