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Mushtaq Chhapra

Mushtaq Kassim Chhapra is a Pakistani philanthropist and businessman who is the founder of The Citizens Foundation, Patients Aid Foundation, and The Kidney Centre.[1] Source Wikipedia

Mushtaq Chhapra and his team are doing fantastic work.

They have over 1700 schools, all operated by them taken to the poorest. All buildings are owned by them. Their annual budget 30 Mill USD THEY have a waqf of 22mill USD.

He co-founded The Citizens Foundation, which is non-profit organization, and one of the largest privately owned networks of low-cost formal schools in Pakistan. The Foundation operates a network of 1,567 school units, educating 252,000 students through 12,000 teachers and principals, with over 17,400 employees.

HubCulture interviewed Mushtaq Chhapra at WEF Meeting – Davos, 2016

They only collect 15 % from kids The rest is Zakaah and donations 50 % from Pakistan 50 % from Pakistanis outside the country. They have a Zakaah audit.