Awqaf SA Muharram Waqf Gift 1444

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “One who generously spends on his family on the 10th of Muharram (Ashura), Allah will be generous on him for the entire year.”

Muharram the month of ALLAH. Dedicate a Waqf to ALLAH by gifting a Waqf to a loved one & set the tone for a blessed year.


Acc No: 62052040145
Branch Code: 250655
Ref: CELL NO.\Muharram

About Awqaf SA
Awqaf SA, founded in 2000 is an internationally recognized Community Endowment organization focusing on the establishment of the Prophet ﷺ system of Waqf.

A Waqf is a permanent donation dedicated to Allah by a donor for any Shariah-compliant purposes in perpetuity. A Waqf is a sadaqah Jariyah, a continuous sadaqah, which earns the donor and the one in whose name it is Gifted a continuous reward. The Waqf profits are used to finance projects from education, small businesses, infrastructure, Masjid, and Imam Development, Food Security, boreholes, and many others thereby earning the donor an everlasting reward with Allah ﷻ.