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Awqaf SA and Crescent of Hope offer ‘historic’ outreach

Awqaf SA and Crescent of Hope are supporting the elderly in the charming bushveld town Marble Hall, 29km from Groblersdal in Limpopo Province.

Forty senior citizens resident at the Loskopvallei Rusoord are beneficiaries of sterilisable mattresses, crockery and kitchen utensils to the value of R70 000. These items were needed for the day-to-day use of the residents but fell outside the budget of the institution.

The Loskopvallei Rusoord is a registered non-profit organisation in a historically Afrikaner group area, now open to all senior citizens, even beyond the immediate boundaries of Marble Hall.

It is a 24-hour frail care facility that includes medical care and it is compliant with the provisions of the relevant legislation as well as the regulations of the Department of Social Development. Their services include religious support programmes for the elderly, irrespective of faith. The facility also relies on the support of volunteers and specialists like dietitians.

Faizel Ismail, co-ordinator of Crescent of Hope, told the media that Awqaf SA and Crescent of Hope recognise the opportunity of serving the poor and needy beyond the conventional beneficiary base.

“By reaching out to our needy senior citizens in areas like Marble Hall we are broadening the definition of inclusive engagement that nurtures social cohesion,” said Ismail.

Crescent of Hope was founded in 1992 during the Somali refugee crisis in Kenya. The organisation’s work is focused on activities such as educational projects and disaster relief programmes.

Zeinoul Cajee, CEO at Awqaf SA says, “By reaching out to diverse communities we are in a position break down existing psychological barriers typically entrenched in racism and the heinous legacy of apartheid segregation.

“Human need and dignity knows no artificial barriers and poverty is often imposed on communities irrespective of racial boundaries. In our partnership with Crescent of Hope we challenge these boundaries and recognise the common humanity of all people.”

Awqaf SA is a humanitarian and development NGO. It bases its programmes on an Islamic model called ‘waqf’, which centres itself on financial sustainability. The proceeds of a self-sustaining core investment are used to fund its endeavours.

Its mandate is therefore diverse but includes health as well as elders frail care. The organisation is already a supporter of the DaruShifa Elders’ Facility in Lenasia which looks after senior citizens.

Betty Roets, administrator of Loskopvallei Rusoord, says, “This gesture is astounding, not only in the material value of the support received, but also in its value for generations of residents in the future of the facility.

“We are deeply touched that Awqaf SA and Crescent of Hope have reached out to us across religious and cultural divides. For our community this is historic and we are deeply appreciative of the gesture.”

Anyone who wishes to support Loskopvallei Rusroord may contact Roets at
013 261 2181. Hasanain Abdullah of Awqaf SA may reached at 021 697 3556 and Ismail of Crescent of Hope may be reached at 011 854 1809.

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