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Honoring our past & present leaders
Their Legacy – Our Heritage

Muslims have been part of the struggle for human rights and  freedom since their banishment to Robben Island and other parts of the Cape  in the early 17th century. We recall the revered names of political prisoners  Tuan Guru, Shaykh Yusuf, Hadjie Matarim and others (May Allah be pleased with them) who made the ultimate sacrifice against Dutch and British colonizers and slave masters. During the apartheid era, several more names come to the fore: Dr Yusuf Dadoo,  Imam Abdullah Haron, Ahmed Timol, Sulmin “Babla” Saloojee, Dr Haffejee, Aboobaker “Hurley” Asvat,  and many others.

Today there are many veterans in our midst who gave selflessly to the struggle for universal human rights, freedom, and service to the community.

On behalf of the Community and well wishers,  Awqaf SA  is initiating and facilitating the   honouring of all those persons. In so doing, Awqaf SA is launching a Community Leaders Waqf (Endowment Fund)  with subfunds  that will  be named in honour of  our brothers, sisters,  and compatriots, both past and present.  It is envisaged that these endowment funds will benefit especially previously disadvantaged South Africans in their quest for social justice and a better education.

Awqaf SA has also commissioned the writing of biographies of Leaders and their legacies. The first of these is the biography of Dr Rashid Ahmed Mahmood Salojee titled “A Life of Social Justice”. This book, together with the Dr RAM & Sara Salojee Waqf  Fund  was launched by the Hon Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, Kgalema Motlanthe, at a function hosted by Awqaf SA during October 2010 in Johannesburg.