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Historic Community Waqf Fund Initiated

A historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  was signed  between Awqaf SA and the Kwanobuhle Muslim Community Trust  (KMC) regarding the creation of a Masjid/Community  Based  Community Waqf Fund.

The agreement was signed at a special signing ceremony during the 7th House of Ummah Stakeholders meeting held at Islamia College, Cape Town.


The Community Waqf Fund initiated by AWQAF SA is  designed to empower  local and emerging Muslim Communitiies, particularly  in poor communities living in “townships”. According Awqaf SA Deputy CEO, Br Mickaeel Collier  who presided the signing together with KMC  trustee, Br Thandile Kona,

“South Africa has a diverse range of Muslim communities  in terms of income distribution – those that are living on the fringes of poverty and those that have been blessed with abundance.  There are those that are self-sufficient, self-reliant, and resilient  while there are others that are dependent on  their wages supplemented by generous donors.  And herein lies the problem.”

The Waqf system is designed to ensure that poverty is eradicated so that the poor are empowered and become self sufficient and self reliant too. However, because the Prophetic & Divine waqf system is  hardly articulated and is largely absent from our educational institutions, nobody has heard or learnt about it from authentic sources. This scenario imposes a duty on the community to ensure that knowledge about the waqf system is transmitted, internalized, and acted upon in droves by the larger Muslim community as a form redistribution of wealth – the very noble objective envisioned by the Prophet Muhammad – on whom be peace and Allah’s blessings.

Awqaf SA is proud to be associated with the KMC and are hopeful of building up the KMC Waqf Fund so that KMC could become a truly self sufficient, self reliant and an empowered community.”

A jubilant Thandile Kona exclaimed:

The MoU between AwqafSA and the KMC Trust to establish a waqf fund for the KMC Trust marks a turning point  for the Kwa-Nobuhle community of Muslims. For the first time in the history of the Muslim community in SA,  a Waqf fund has been established with and for an indigenous community. This fund will be a lasting legacy for the KMC Trust and it serves to secure the future welfare of the community and can only propel  it forward in a sustainable manner, in sha Allah.

Shaykh  Ighsaan Taliep, (Principal of the International Peace College of SA),   who also witnessed the signing ceremony  commented succinctly and warmly:

A defining moment in the journey towards sustainable development of independent structures in township communities.

Another positive remark by Shaykh Sadullah Khan, Principal of the Islamia College

The Community Waqf Fund signed on Saturday at the 7th Stakeholders Meeting hosted by Islamia was indeed a groundbreaking event. It initiates prioritised focus on previously neglected areas that needs our highest attention.


Awqaf SA plans to roll out Community Development Waqf  Funds in several other emerging Muslim Communities inshallah in due course. We ask for duas and continued support  to grow the Emerging Muslim Communities Waqf Fund.   

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