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Support the Awqaf SA Hajj Waqf

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About the Awqaf SA Hajj Waqf

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is compulsory on those that can afford the sacred journey. But there are those who save for this ultimate journey all their lives, yet cannot make it. Or there are those who barely make it and have nothing to spare for food and/ or other necessities. Still there are those that serve our community at our Masajid and Madaris – muezzins and imams – that will never make it unless they are sponsored.

Awqaf SA has launched the Hajj Waqf Fund to assist or subsidise the indigent hajee.

Contribute to the Hajj Waqf Fund and be part of this sadaqah jariyyah initiative.

19 August 2018 on #347 ITV on the eve of Aarafah.
18.15pm – 21.45pm

Help make someone’s Hajj a reality
Support our Hajj Waqf Fund

Since 2014

  • We helped 60 Hujajj
  • 100 Hajj stipends issued

With your contribution we can help more needy Hujajj!!

3 Easy ways to make your Hajj Waqf pledge


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Support the Awqaf SA Hajj Waqf

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ITV Pledgeline Contact details

Call: 0110867700/1/2/3

2016 Hajj Beneficiary

This is what past Hujjajj had to say about Awqaf SA’s Hajj Waqf

“I am thankful to Awqaf SA and may grant them the strength to the help lots of people who are struggling.”

Farieda Bardien

Feeding scheme photo highlights

Awqaf SA contributed R60 000 towards feeding needy Hujjajj in the kingdom. We distributed water and food.

Abramjee on Hajj Video