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H2Advisory Educator Workshops

The National Awqaf Foundation of South Africa (Awqaf SA) in partnership with H2 Advisory will be hosting training workshops for educators, which aims to introduce them to innovative techniques to improve the delivery of classroom lessons.

Educators and school managers will be introduced to the pioneering research of education specialist, Carl Garner, who has written several books on the ‘How2Teach,’ ‘How2Learn’ and ‘Teach2Learn’ concepts. The H2 Advisory developed modules empowers teachers to better support and motivate their students and moves away from the traditional techniques of repetitive, “teacher talk and chalk” learning methods to critical, analytical, and problem solving skills.

“The workshop will attempt to highlight a need for educational change,” Awqaf CEO Zeinoul Abedien Cajee explained. “It will introduce educators and school managers to Learning Powers and how these can be implemented in the modern curriculum, which will empower student learning, especially thinking skills, and promote positive behaviour.”

The workshops have been endorsed by the Association of Muslim Schools (AMS), host schools, and the United Ulama Council of South Africa. All Educators are welcome. Below is the list of scheduled events:

Carl Garner: Short Bio

Carl Garner started the H2 Advisory educational company with a vision to change education across the world.

He has been developing people for over 20 years and after his retirement at the age of 39 he started to write development books and educational stories for children. Br Carl has been a Principal, Superintendent and Director of Education. In that time, his frustration at the educational system moved him to start leading change. Carl Garner states that change cannot just be undertaken from one angle and for true change to take place one has to fully understand all the stakeholders

The link below was a video created by parents of one of his former schools and clearly demonstrates the profound affect he has had on the students and parents alike.

Find out more about Mr Carl Garner as Superintendent of Al Forsan


  • To highlight a need for educational change
  • To introduce teachers and teacher leaders to Covey Habits and how they can be implemented in the modern curriculum to empower student learning and positive behaviours.
  • To introduce teachers and teacher leaders to Learning Powers and how they can be implemented in the modern curriculum to empower student learning and positive behaviours.
  • To introduce teachers and teacher leaders to Thinking Powers and how important they are in the success of the modern leader.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of parent, teacher, student relationships through an IT platform at basic operating costs (No capital investment required).
  • To empower teachers to become teacher leaders and teacher leaders to become innovators in global education.

Workshops Themes

Each session in the program will be followed by a breakaway discussion conducted by a facilitator. Workshop themes will focus on the following topics and themes:

  • How2Teach – Best Practices
  • How2Teach – 6 Hat Thinking
  • How2Teach – Whole School Behaviours
  • How2Teach – Parent Partnership Powers
  • How2Teach – Golden Time
  • How2Teach – Mind-Mapping
  • How2Teach – Improving Grades through Diagnostics
  • How2Teach – Teach2Learn Concept
  • How2Teach – Four Intelligences
  • How2Teach – Learning Powers


JHB – click here

Erasmia – click here

Ladysmith – click here

Durban – click here


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Duration and Venue 

Johannesburg: 28 January 2017, Sci-Bono Education Centre, Newtown. (8am -5pm)

Erasmia: 29 January 2017, Al Ghazali College, 421 Van Leenhof Street (8:30am – 12:45pm)

Ladysmith: (KZN)  30 January 2017, Islamic Education Centre, Simla Road. (1.30pm -7pm)

Durban: 31 January 2017, Al-Falaah College, Lotus Road (1.00pm – 6pm)

Cape Town:  2 February 2017, Islamia College, Lansdowne.(1.30pm – 6:30pm)

*Subject to change

The workshops will be preceded by facilitator workshops in each city.

Exclusive Opportunity

The H2 Advisory Distance Learning course will be endorsed by TQUK and will be the first opportunity for you to launch onto a UK accredited platform. All participants in the FOUNDATION 2-day seminar/workshop program will be given a certification of completion and be eligible for the H2 Advisory program level 1.

The program will also give a special gift from Awqaf as they have 20 scholarships that can be applied for through Awqafsa, sponsoring 20 teachers/teacher leaders to undertake the 5 Star Program which is teacher development program that has been compared to the UK PGCE. The cost of PGCE course range from approximately 220,000 – 300,000 ZAR.

Johannesburg Participants

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving in giving back to the vision of Educational change. Please fill this quick survey and let us know your thoughts (your answers will be anonymous).

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Registrations are now closed for all regions


Due to closure of registrations, we  request you to kindly register here. You will be placed on the waiting list and will receive preferential registration should more seats become available.  By placing your name on the waiting list register you will also receive some workshop materials by email.  We will alo keep in touch with you for future programmes.  Kindly complete the form below.


Participant registration fee R100.00 This is a special fee to cover meals and handout materials. (NB: The Normal fee for this workshop is valued at R5000,00.)

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