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Grade 12 Maths Intervention Ladysmith 2018

Awqaf SA, K Way Institute SA, Alfred Duma Municipality and the KZN Department of Education were the project stakeholders for the Grade 12 Mathematics final examination intervention.

The project undertaken by K Way aimed at tutoring 300 learners with an objective to ensure that all the Grade 12 participants had a full understanding of the Mathematics Syllabus. These sessions took place at the Mrs. Narandas Ladysmith Secondary School from 8am to 3pm daily. Mr. Sithole from the Department of Education as well Zohra Essack from Awqaf SA Ladysmith addressed the learners at the opening of the project.

K Way was given the mandate to tutor 300 learners and assist in the upliftment of Mathematics for Grade 12 Pure Mathematics learners, as well as educators in the Ladysmith and KZN region.

The scope of this project and the engagement comprised of 2 phases:

Phase 1: Pre Supplementary – this was conducted over 3 days.

Phase 2: Pre final engagement – this was conducted over 3 days

300 Learners from 8 secondary schools were engaged in the project. Below is a list of participating schools as well as the number of learners who attended.

  • Bevhu High – 39 learners
  • Slindokhile Secondary – 87 learners
  • Steadville Secondary – 65 learners
  • Sizakhale Secondary – 68 learners
  • Windsor Secondary – 61 learners
  • De. Joseph Tshabalala –  41 learners
  • Ladysmith Secondary – 70 learners
  • Islamic Educational Center – 14 Learners