Johannesburg, 15 July 2023 – AWQAF SA, in partnership with TIKA (The Turkish Cooperation and
Coordination Agency), took part in a tree-planting ceremony to commemorate the
courageous martyrs who tragically lost their lives during the failed Turkish coup attempt in 2016.
The failed coup draws significant parallels with South Africa’s own experience of the countless
individuals who made significant contributions to the liberation struggle and freedom of South

Over 252 pomegranate trees were planted in their remembrance at the AWQAF SA DALESIDE
AGRI FARM in Daleside, Johannesburg.
The tree-planting ceremony holds great significance as it pays tribute to the brave martyrs who
sacrificed their lives for the ideals they believed in, while also acknowledging the tremendous
efforts of those who fought for the freedom of South Africa. It serves as a powerful reminder of
the resilience and determination of individuals who stood up against tyranny and oppression.

The collaboration between AWQAF SA and TIKA underscores the shared values of solidarity,
unity, and remembrance. It is a testament to the bond between Türkiye and South Africa,
celebrating the common struggles and aspirations for justice and liberty.
By planting over 252 pomegranate trees, each symbolizing the strength and vitality of the fallen
heroes, we aim to create a lasting memorial that honours their memory. These trees will stand as
a testament to their bravery, reminding future generations of their sacrifice and inspiring them to
uphold the values of freedom, democracy, and human rights. Additionally, the fruit-bearing trees
symbolize the benefits that successive generations will derive, both from the physical
nourishment of the pomegranate fruit and from the sacrifices made by those who strive for
freedom, laying a foundation for a better society for future generations.

The event was a joint effort to commemorate the fallen heroes and celebrate the
indomitable spirit of those who fought for freedom and justice.