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Eid Gifts for Orphans

Awqaf SA donated R10000 for  40 Eid Gifts for 40 Orphans. The project was initiated and managed by Johannesburg based Ma’waal Masaakin ( Refuge for the Poor). Official Shaheed Domingo said that a total of 150 Eid Gift packs were distributed to orphans in various orphanes including the Salman Farsi Ennerdale Orphanage; Jamiah Faqihul Ummah for Boys;  Klipspruit Home Care for Destitute Children, Newclare, and Maraisburg. Several volunteers helped in the purchasing, packing, and distribution of the gifts.

Fazlun Domingo, coordinator of the project said  that each childs gift pack was carefully selected according to the age and specific size of the child in respect of shoes, trousers, T shirts, socks, and undergarments.  These were checked out prior to the shopping so that the children could wear the correct size.     A bag of toiletries and sweets and fruits was also provided.

Indeed  a happy ay for the children as well as donors and volunteers.