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DaruShifa Men's Health Day

DaruShifa celebrates International Men’s Health Day

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By Salwa Waja

DaruShifa Lenasia celebrated International Men’s health day which was on the 19 November. The event was an opportunity for people of Lenasia and surrounding areas to appreciate and celebrate the “Senior”” men in their lives and the contribution they made to society for the greater good of all.

In a joint venture with Lenasia Bowling Club and The Golden Eagles DaruShifa Lenasia invited the elderly men for a day at the Bowling greens.
We had a good response on the Sunday morning. It was a game changer for the elderly gentleman who are usually inactive.
We got that blood circulation moving and the social emotional intelligence was just too awesome.
When they realised it was not just throwing a ball, but concentration and focus was needed, they were overwhelmed with excitement.

They had so much fun, a few gentlemen had also signed up with the Bowling Club for a weekly date.  We served snacks and beverages. At half time.
Lunch was also served after the match.
Allamduillah. DaruShifa Lenasia has achieved it’s goal by introducing our Elderly gentleman to the Bowling greens.
DaruShifa Lenasia thanks everybody who made this event possible.

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