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Corporate Governance Webinar

Corporate Governance for Islamic NPO’s Webinar

Webinar: Risk Management & Internal Controls

Learn how effective risk management and internal controls will prevent fraud and theft and enable achievement of NPO’s objectives.
Join us as we launch an internal control checklist for NPO’s together with a volunteer support programme.

Luqman Issadeen

Fatima Abba

This Webinar was jointly hosted by:
Awqaf SA (National Awqaf SA Foundation of South Africa)
AMAL (Association of Muslim Accountants and Lawyers)
Sanzaf (South African National Zakat Fund)
UUCSA (United Ulama Council of South Africa) 

All Welcome. Free but online registration is essential

Should you wish to pose a Corporate Governance related question to the presenter, you may do so by using the following email address:

Hasanain Abdullah
079 507 1196

Past Webinar 22 August 2020

Webinar Video – 22 August 2020

Past Webinar: 22 July 2020


Webinar Video – 22 August 2020


Salaamedia Radio interview via Facebook Livestream: Azhar Vadi interviewed Awqaf SA’s CEO: Zeinoul Abedien Cajee about the upcoming Corporate Governance webinar.