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Well wishes

Channel Islam International (CII) Radio declared a waqf.

Awqaf SA salutes Channel Islam International (CII) for transforming into a waqf. We are proud of this decision and we pledge our support to CII for taking this extraordinary decision for a South African private company to be effectively converted to an NGO. This conversion means that the shareholders have relinquished their shareholdings from private capital to public capital that belongs to Allah. Alhamdulillah. This an an excellent example to other businesses be they sole proprietors, companies, or partnerships. Giving by way of waqf is the way to go for the future development of the Ummah. This has been demonstrated throughout our glorious history. A revival of the lost legacy of the waqf system is a calling of our time. We are reminded of the verse in sura Al e Imran: “None of you will attain righteousness  until you give of what you love” This is the verse that led many Sahaba (RA). To give of their best properties as Waqf. Once again, Awqaf SA is proud of you and welcomes you to the Awqaf  family. We wish you all the success in your ventures. On behalf of our Mutawallees, Management, Donors, Volunteers, Ambassadors.

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