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Awqaf SA 2020 Year-End Report

We extend a very warm thank you to the community at large, our donors, founders, patrons, and all Awqaf Ambassadors for their unwavering support during the last 20 years and especially the last year.

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Waqf Academy Website

The Waqf Academy has been established with a mission of being a dedicated resource as well as a provider of waqf knowledge. The Waqf Academy has set its sights on providing world class online education and training programmes from basic level appropriate to the general public and high school, madressah learners to the highest levels of graduate and postgraduate programmes in partnership and collaboration with other academic and awqaf institutions, scholars, ulama, academics, and foundations.

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WAQF & ISLAMIC WILLS WEBINAR. Awqaf SA celebrating National Wills Week. Our industry experts will share their knowledge during this informative webinar on: Shariah Compliant Wills in South Africa, Estate Duty and Executor fee provision, Waqfs through your Will and more.

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Anwah Nagia

Dr Anwah Nagia Waqf Endowment Fund is launched in memoriam

Awqaf SA - an organisation grounded in a sustainable National Endowment fund set up for sustainable community development - we are proud to launch the Dr Anwah Nagia Waqf Endowment Fund.

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Awqaf of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) Book Launch Webinar

The historic first translation into English by Awqaf SA of the Awqaf of the Holy Prophet (S) and some of his Noble Sahaba, a Juristic, Historical and Documented Study By Dr ʿAbd Allah bin Muḥammad bin Saʿd al-Ḥujailī Translated by Prof Yousuf Dadoo

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